Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BIG Rumor from Justice League.

One of the biggest rumors floating around today was about who acts as Batman in the 2015 movie -Justice League.And i repeat,this is entirely according to rumors .And the actor being considered is.... Joseph Gordon Lewitt.More specifically ,he will continue his role from that of The Dark Knight Rises .

Spoilers ahead
As those of you may know,the final scene in TDKR shows Joseph's character ,John Robin Blake ,finding Bruce's batcave and gears up to become the next Batman.And with Man of Steel rebooting the Superman franchise in 2013 ,it seems possible that Warner Bros. might connect Nolan's John Blake to the 2015 Justice League.
One of the biggest advantage to this is that they wouldnt need to reboot the Batman series as previously planned.The audience are familiar with John Blake.On top of that ,it will be a new origin for a Batman.So instead of parents death forcing him to become Batman ,the new Batman's origin is simple and more fresh ,that is ,the first Batman handing down the legacy to Blake.
Zack Snyder ,director of Man Of Steel ,previously claimed that his Superman wont be a part of the 2015 Justice League.But now hes hinting that Justice League will have to consider his take on Superman.

As most rumors go ,this might be blasted tomorrow morning.But otherwise its a pretty neat way of linking Nolan's TDK trilogy to Justice League.
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