Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Modern Family [4x04] The Butler's Escape
TV.com - 5.7
RJG Rating- 8

Jay cant stand Gloria's snoring ,while Cam goes for his first teching class.

A good episode from Modern Family.The jokes werent too great but it was ok.Cam's story felt a bit recycled ,while Jay's story was good.But the best jokes were from the Dunphy family.

Middle [4x04] Bunny Therapy 
TV.com- 8.5
RJG Rating- 10

Axle gets confused as to who is girlfriend is ,and the Hecks learn of yet another weird habit of Brick.

Another excellent episode from the show.It was an allround performance from the cast ,especially Axl & Sue .The cast have been doing an amazing work for the past 3 years and they still havnt disappointed.The writers have presented yet another sensible ,humorous and filled with family values episode.

30 Rock [7x02] Governor Dunston
TV.com - 8
RJG Rating- 7

A politician who looks exactly like Tracy presents great opportunity for TGS.Kenneth's parents visit him.
Another good episode from 30Rock ,but nothing great.The acting from the cats is what keeps the show fresh and Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin dont disappoint.

The Big Bang Theory [6x03] The Higgs Boson Observation
TV.com- 8.5
RJG Rating- 6.5

Sheldon hires an assistant

Although the episode wasnt very funny ,it was watchable.Howard's story is getting boring and Sheldon & Leonard's plot is recycled.The inclusion of Alex ,the assistant made the recycled plot seem fresh.

Two & a Half Men [10x05] That's Not What They Call It in Amsterdam
TV.com - 8.4
RJG Rating- 9.5

Lyndsy tries to hook up Walden with her friends.

Unbelievably ,Two & a Half Men has churned out another great episode.The jokes were well placed and the characters were funny.Plus the addition of an old character gave this episode a spark it needed.I hope they keep this momentum going.

How I Met your Mother [8x04] Who Wants to Be a Godparent?
TV.com- 7.7
RJG Rating- 9

Lilly & Marshall try to decide on who will be their son's Godparent.

Though the start was dull and tiresome ,things got interesting with Marshall's gameshow.It was a welcome change to the very dull season HIMYM is having with Season8.But once again this has absolutely nothing to do with the 'Mother'.

Walking Dead [3x04] Killer Within
TV.com - 9
RJG Rating- 7.5

A person inside the prison causes trouble on the survivors.

Walking Dead has got the groove it was missing in season 2 ,and this episode moves smoothly although it has its share of bumps.Rick's story was once again littered with melodrama thanks to Lori & Carl.But with the constant thrill ,its easy to ignore such scenes ,but this has a major effect in the end.<SPOILER ALERT>So when Lori finally dies ,instead of getting sad or even end up missing her ,i gave a sigh of relief.I felt bad that Carl didnt join her ,and got even more upset to know the baby might make Carl a sort of Lori type character.
The second parallel story ,that of the Governor ,is going great.

Dexter [7x03] Buck the System
TV.com- 8.2
RJG Rating- 9

Dexter feels caged up with Debra keeping a close eye on him.

While the first half was a bit slow,the second half brought back the show its usual intensity.The villain of this season is finally confirmed ,and it looks like the show is getting better and better.It seems the writers have listened to the fans and written off the terrible idea of Debra having feelings for Dexter.

Ghost Adventures [7x03] Point Sur Lighthouse
TV.com - [unavailable]
RJG Rating- 9

The GA crew investigate the Point Sur Lighthouse ,a place which has seen dozens of shipwrecks.
This was an excellent episode.There was an episode ,couple of seasons ago ,which had the crew investigate a lighthouse.It was a total flop ,but fortunately this lighthouse was filled with creepiness.Some first class EVP's were recorded before the show ,but the crew failed to get those ,instead real voices were captured.Plus a thermal camera too caught some shocking evidence.

Arrow [1x03] Lone Gunmen
TV.com - 8.6
RJG Rating- 8

Oliver learns of an assassin ,known as Deadshot.

The show is still floating steadily.Neither is it bad nor can it be certified great.Its an interesting watch at the moment.The melodrama parts have their share of moments ,but the episode was generally ok.The cast are yet to perfect their characters.

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