Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Watch (2012)

[a good concept wasted on poor jokes]

The Watch (2012)
IMDB- 5.7
Rottentomatoes- 17%
RJG Rating- 35

A shop owner creates a 'Neighbourhood Watch' team ,after one of his employees is brutally murdered.

Starring- Ben Stiller,Jonah Hill,Vince Vaughn,Richard Ayoadae
Director- Akiva Schaffer

The Watch has a solid cast ,but all are wasted.Ben Stiller,Jonah Hill and Richard A give a good performance ,but Vince Vaughn is average.They cant be fully blamed for the movies failure ,since they dont have much to work on.

The story for Watch has a good concept but its weighed down by the amount of vulgar and lame jokes.Very few actually hit the mark .The story is dark and could have been a complete horror movie but lining it with gags and jokes makes even the horror parts dull.The characters are poorly made and void of any development.

Direction is generally poor.The pacing is uneven and tends to lag towards the end.

Overall ,Watch is a one time watch for the fans of Ben Stiller ,Jonah Hill ,otherwise its a miss.

Acting - 2.5/5
Story- 1.5/5
Direction- 1.5/5
Comedy- 1/5
Thriller- 2/5
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