Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

[one of the most the cheesiest and lamest movies of 2013]

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)
IMDB- 6.8
RottenTomatoes- 59%
RJG Ratings- 15

Oscar ,a magician, is transported to the land of Oz ,where hes mistaken for a prophesied Wizard

Starring- James Franco,Mila Kunis,Michelle Williams,Rachel Weisz
Director- Sam Raimi

James Franco does an okay job.He gives his usual performance.Nothing great nor noteworthy ,just a walk through role.Mila Kunis gives one of her worst performances of her career.She was utterly lame in the first half and turned even worse in the second half.Be it the cheesy dialogues or the poor makeup ,or the irritating laugh ,Mila screwed this up.She was a wrong choice for this role.Rachel Weisz does a standard evil witch role ,and Michelle Williams does the cliched good queen role.There is no innovative ideas here.The chemistry is zero between James,Mila and Michelle.Zach Braff voicing the flying monkey was the only one worth watching.

The first 30min ,Oscars life in Kansas ,was good ,but what followed next was just plain rubbish.The story is so cliched and cheesy it gets unbearable after a point.It easy to notice that the story is made along the way to fit the background visual effects.Plotholes are numerous and the etire movie reminded me ,of the equally disastrous Alice in Wonderland.But even Alice had some logic within it.The characters for Oz is poorly drawn up.Especially Mila's role.The finale battle climax ,was again stupid and corny.Another irritating thing was how much they tried to make it kid friendly.If this movie was meant for kids below 8 ,well its excusable ,but otherwise its an insult to people who actually know what a story is.

Direction by Sam is poor.Other than the first 30min ,which was in black and white ,the rest was garbage.The entire movie was made with one objective....make a movie about a CGI filled world.Thats all.Very disappointed with Sam.Even for a kid friendly movie ,the movie uses plenty of scare tactics.As with usual Raimi movies ,its the "ugly face pops out of nowhere and screams" type.This was done just to show that this is still a 3D movie.

The visual effects were beautiful.Thats the only plus point for Oz.

Overall ,kids below 8 may enjoy the movie.Oz is a cheesy movie ,give it a miss.

Acting- 1/5
Story- 0.5/5
Direction- 1/5
Action- 3/5
Visual Effects- 4/5
Romance- 2/5
Drama- 1.5/5
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