Monday, May 27, 2013

Fast Furious rips apart Hangover

Fast Furious rips apart Hangover
[May 24-26]

#1-It was thought to be a tight match between the two franchises ,but on day 1 itself ,it was clear who would emerge as the winner.Fast & Furious 6 made a brilliant $98.5million ,which is a series record (Fast 5 made $86million).This is one of the rare franchises that actually continues to grow with each installment.In 2011 ,Fast 5 shocked critics by scoring a solid 78%. Although it was never expected that F&F 6 could do the same ,the 6th installment scored 72%!
(For an action movie about cars that previously scored 52,36,35,27 ,this is certainly a great improvement).
Critics were pleased with Fast 6's action and humour.This is also Dwayne Rock's 4th HIT OF 2013! (Pain & Gain,Snitch ,GI Joe2 were the others).Rock has been on a powerful streak and certainly his midas touch is still strong!
Fast Furious 6 is a big hit overseas too ,making $177million for an overall gross of $275million ,thus safely crossing its budget of $160million.

#2-Hangover 3 crashed landed with just $42million ,which is the lowest debut for the Hangover series.The public seemed to have learnt their lesson after 2011's horrible Hangover2.
Hangover 3 was no better ,scoring just 21%.The movie reduced its comedy and instead turned into an action thriller movie.But this change was still of no use ,as the movie was still garbage.The movie has made a worldwide gross of $73million of its budget of $103million.

#3-Star Trek Into Darkness had an expected fall ,but still managed a healthy $38million.But the sequel is falling behind its 2009 predecessor.Star Trek has so far managed to make $249million worldwide.

#4-Epic ,the 3rd animated movie of 2013 ,made an average opening of $34million.It has been receiving average reviews ,with most saying its a predictable movie and mostly aimed for kids ,and the only good point is its animation.Epic has made $77million of its $100million budget ,and it looks good enough to recover its budget.

#5-IronMan3 continued its weekly descent ,as it managed to make $19.5million.But the movie's powerful start has boosted it off into a great height.Making domestically $367million and $774million overseas ,IM3 has made $1.142billion making it the 5th highest grossing movie of ALL TIME.Its next target is Harry Potter 7 Part2( $1.341billion).

2013 Top 5
#5-A Good Day to Die Hard -$303million
#4-G.I. Joe: Retaliation -$358million
#3-Oz The Great and Powerful -$489million
#2-The Croods -$562million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.142 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

Next week ,its the battle between 2 not so great directors ,aiming for redemption.
First my earlier analysis on the 2:

Now You See Me- MAY 31
story- 4 magicians conduct a bank robbery using the audience members.
+ a good concept.Cast includes Jesse Eisenberg & Woody Harrelson,and other A-list actors.
- director Louis Leterrier has a poor history in film making.Out of 5 ,only Incredible Hulk has been remotely good.And based on the trailers ,this could turn out to be a cliched ride.

After Earth-MAY 31
story-1000 years after the people have left Earth ,a father and son duo land on Earth after an accident.
+ Real life father & son ,Will & Jaden Smith act in this,and they have yet to disappoint.The visuals looks great too ,and the concept is strong.
- Director M Night Shyamalan has not made a good movie since 2002's Signs.After a series of flop movies ,hes now considered one of the worst directors.After Earth will suffer if badly if the movie disappoints even in the slightest.

My pick is--------AFTER EARTH! Mostly its just because we have Will Smith.
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