Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mama (2013)

[a wasted horror movie]

Mama (2013)
IMDB- 6.3
RottenTomatoes- 66%
RJG Ratings- 45

2 abandoned sisters are reunited with their uncle.But things go wrong as it seems they might have brought someone with them.

Starring- Jessica Chastain
Director- Andrés Muschietti

Mama is led by Jessica Chastain ,who is on a streak of excellent performances.And she doesnt break it with Mama.Jessica's performance holds center stage even though shes playing a cliched role.The kids do an okay job.They dont connect too well with the audience.Other than these 3 ,the rest of the cast do an okay job as well.

The concept of Mama isnt too unique.A spirit protecting kids ,killing people is a formula that has been tried multiple times.The story tries to keep an air of freshness in the first half but it all collapses in the second.The second half is filled with cliches and plot holes.No thoughts are given to even rectify the most obvious plotholes.Scenes such as where a doctor goes to investigate a haunted house in the middle of the night with a flash camera is as predictable as the sunrise.The climax gets even more unbearable as it tries to wrap all the horror with a 'feel good' ending ,which really ruins the horror aspect .

Direction is below average.The second half is riddled with issues.The scare tactics were the cheap ,"pop up out of the corner and scream" type.The movie is based on a scary clip of 2 children finding a ghost in their house.This scene is adapted directly into the movie ,without bothering to apply any logic behind it.The actions of the girls now dont make any sense because in the movie they are sort of friends with the ghost.

Overall Mama had potential ,but loses it entirely in the second half.Give it a watch if you are a horror fan and have nothing else to do.

Acting- 2.5/5
Story- 2/5
Direction- 1.5/5
Horror- 3/5
Drama- 2/5
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