Tuesday, May 07, 2013

News from REC and 300

Aaaand we can safely knock out one movie out of the busy scheduled 2013.Its the anticipated 300 prequel -300: Rise of an Empire. The movie has been shifted off to March 7 2014.
Although the reason behind the shift hasnt been told yet ,it seems they did this mainly to avoid the busy competition and also since the original 300 had found success during the March period.

 Poster & Teaser Trailer for REC 4: Apocalypse! 
For those of you arent familiar with the REC series ,its a movie about demonised zombies.I loved REC1 and its in my best horror movie lists ,REC2 was..disappointing ,and REC3 (which was a prequel) ,was downright garbage.REC4 ,takes us right back to the original events.The movie is set for 2014! Anyone interested in it?

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