Monday, May 13, 2013

IronMan keeps Gatsby at bay

IronMan keeps Gatsby at bay

#1-It was no surprise that IronMan 3 dominated on its second week at the box office.The superhero movie made $72million which is a 60% drop from its debut.But overall the movie is still flying very high!With $664million from overseas , Iron Man 3 is now at a  gross total of $949 million ,putting it in #21 in the highest grossing movie lists of all time.The movie will easily make it to the 1Billion club by this week.

#2-The Great Gatsby opened with $51million ,which was a bit under expectations ,but certainly a modest collection.Starring a powerful cast which includes the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan ,this romantic drama is based on the famous novel of the same name written by Scott Fitzgerald.

But as i previously analyzed ,Gatsby couldnt score over the critics.The movie has been getting below average reviews ,and is currently rated at 47%.The critics praised Leonardo's performance and the visual splendor of the movie ,but what was missing was the soul ,which left the movie quite empty in its luxurious outer covering.

#3-Pain & Gain scrapped at the leftovers of the powerful openers ,as it made a meager $5million.The movie has so far has made an unimpressive $41million.

#4-Tyler Perry Presents Peeples opened 4th with just $4.8million.This newcomer had no hope in the first place opening against Gatsby ,and being a movie that has "Tyler Perry" stamped on it ,is assurance of crappyness.The movie was dismissed by the critics ,calling it a predictable and boring ,scoring just 38%.

#5-Baseball drama ,42 ,continued to be a sleeper hit ,as it made $4.6million on its 5th week.The movie has already made $84million from the domestic market itself.

2013 Top 5
#5-A Good Day to Die Hard -$303million
#4-G.I. Joe: Retaliation -$356million
#3-Oz The Great and Powerful -$487million
#2-The Croods -$533million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$949million

At the Top 5 ,IronMan3 is easily ruling the year with a commanding $949million.The only movie thats even powerful enough to take that down ,in my opinion is Hobbit Part 2 ,that too in December.Till then or maybe even after that ,IronMan 3 will be king of box office 2013!
Surprisingly Croods overtook Oz ,for the number 2 spot!

This week we have another potential blockbuster! Star Trek Into Darkness ,which is clearly one of the movies in my MUST SEE LIST!

First my analysis from earlier this year:
story- the crew of the Enterprise face an enemy that has risen from their own organization.
+ Sequel to the critical & blockbuster 2009 reboot ,Star Trek will cater to all sci-fi fans.Director Abrams is a huge favorite among scifi lovers,and he wont be likely to disappoint.
- Too much hype is bad too.If it fails to match upto the first part,it will be criticized heavily by the audience.

The movie has collected $31million from the overseas market and has a strong initial rating of 89%.The critics say its an amazing movie,especially Benedict's performance.Although it doesnt quite match up to its predecessor.

(For more analysis check out my - MOVIE GUIDE 2013 - )
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