Monday, May 06, 2013



#1- It was expected to be big ,but no one ever thought it would end up being such a big movie! Opening with $175million in just 3 days ,IronMan3 registered the second biggest opening of all time in the domestic market.The movie has been doing terrific business overseas as well ,making $504million in the span of around 10 days.This puts the movie at a gross total of $680million from a budget of $200million!Following up last years blockbuster Avengers ,was no small task but the third installment in the IronMan series took up the mantle with ease.

With a Rottentomato rating of 79% ,the movie is trailing behind that of Avengers & Iron Man 1 (both at 93%).Even though Robert Downey Jr. once again stole the limelight with his amazing performance as the title character ,IronMan/Tony Stark ,critics ignored the rest of the movie in general.

With the arrival of IronMan ,no other movie could stand the tough competition.

#2-Pain & Gain fell by 60% as it made just $7.6million ,to make a total of $33million.With that Bay's movie has made its budget of 20million but its performance at the box office is considered to be poor.

#3-42 kept up with its remarkable run at the box office with a 4th weekend collection of $6.2million.The baseball drama has so far made $78million from the domestic market itself ,making it a silent hit.

#4-Oblivion crashed to number 4 from its last week stand of number 2, marking a heavy 67% drop.Oblivion made $5.7million on its 3rd week for a gross domestic total of $75million.Fortunately the overseas collection helped the movie cover its budget of $120million.So far Tom Cruise's scifi movie has made $222million.

#5-The Croods made $4.2million on its 7th week to continue its brilliant run at the boxoffice.The animated movie has made a gross total of $517million.

2013 Top 5
#5-A Good Day to Die Hard -$302.4million
#4-G.I. Joe: Retaliation -$355million
#3-The Croods -$517million
#2-Oz The Great and Powerful -$484.8million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$680.1million

As i told you before ,IronMan has brought the party time to 2013 ,and its back to back anticipated movies from now all the way to September!
This week ,we have Leonardo DiCaprio's The Great Gatsby !Based on the famous novel of the same name ,the movie is directed by Baz Luhrmann.Gatsby doesnt look strong enough to take down IronMan3 this week ,it will have to be satisfied with a #2 spot.
On my personal opinion ,im least bothered about Gatsby since the trailers and promos hint at one long and uninteresting melodrama.
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