Monday, April 01, 2013

The Joes keep the box office ringing

The Joes keep the box office ringing
[Mar 29-31]

#1-G.I. Joe: Retaliation made a fantastic debut ,the movie made $41.2million ,which is certainly above expectations.The first part was heavily criticized and the sequel was postponed by around 8months to undergo 3D conversion.Even with such buzz kill the movie has managed to make a great start.With an overseas collection of $80million ,GI Joe 2 has safely recovered its $130million budget in its opening week itself.Starring Rock ,Channing Tatum & Bruce Willis ,GI Joe 2 has already become the 2nd hit of 2013 for these 3 actors.

Still GI Joe couldnt please the critics.Although most agree that it is a huge improvement over the rotten first part,the non stop action is said to have taken a toll on the viewers.As of now it has a rating of just 29%.But considering the other 2 new releases have a rating of 13% and 12% ,GI Joe is relatively a fantastic movie.

#2-The animated hit ,Croods made a good stand ,making $26.5million which is just a 40% drop.The movie boosted by good reviews has already made $227million and recovered its $135million budget.

#3-Suprisingly Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor ,made it to 3rd spot with $22million.Directed by Tyler Perry ,this movie like the rest of his dismal filmography was panned universally.The movie has just a 13% ,with majority of critics blasting it in every department.

#4-The other big action movie ,Olympus Has Fallen got a blow from GI Joe's debut.It made $14million to bring its domestic total to $54million.Even though the movie seems to be slowing down it will recover its budget of $70million eventually.

#5-Wizard of Oz continued its downward fall ,making just $11.6million on its 4th week.The movie is so far the highest grossing movie of 2013 ,with a worldwide collections of $412million.

Now this brings us to the 3rd new release,The Host.The movie tanked at the box office barely making $11million.Based on the novel written by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer,Host was heavily bashed by the critics as well.The movie that deals with some sort of alien invasion with a twilight-like love triangle in between ,it just scored 12% ,and seems to be even worse than the Twilight series.
The Host ,is now the second movie,after Beautiful Creatures, based on teenage-romance novels to crash land this badly.

This week we have a 2 different types of classics.One is a remake while the other has been converted into IMAX 3D for its 20th anniversary.My pick of the week is....

1-Evil Dead-Remake of the 1981 movie ,which launched Sam Raimi's (Spiderman 1-3) career ,Evil Dead 2013 ,is directed by newbie Fede Alvarez under the guidance of Sam.The movie has been hyping itself up saying its the most terrifying movie ,and with an initial rating of 79% ,it seems it might not bad.Critics say its definitely excellent and a worthy remake of Evil Dead.

2-Jurassic Park -Dont get me wrong, i LOVE Jurassic Park and have watched it nearly a hundred times.But i would like to see a new movie this time and then watch Jurassic Park! Released first in 1993 ,this 3D conversion is to mark this classics 20th anniversary.The promos have been doing great work and i have my fingers crossed for Jurassic Park to cross the billion dollar mark (its currently $85million away) !
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