Monday, April 01, 2013

Hobbit 2 ,This Is The End ,Hemlock Grave Videos

Peter Jackson revealed some footage of the much awaited sequel last week exclusively for buyers of the Hobbit Bluray/Ultraviolet version.
For those who didnt have much of a chance to watch it ,heres a short (6min) clip of the event that also includes the footage!
Jackson Hobbit 2 interview

Heres a short clip from Hemlock Grove ,a new TV show that debuts on April 19th.This clip is a must watch ,although not for those who have a weak heart.
Hemlock Grove clip

The clip shows a werewolf transformation ,and i havnt seen such a gruesome one ever!Ill certainly be checking out the show!

Trailer for This Is The End !! And its freaking hilarious!
Trailer #2
The major selling point of the movie is definitely the main actors who are not only real life friends ,but also happen to be the new generation of great comedians.This trailer shows of its cameos ,and ill be damned! Almost all the new comedians make a cameo! From Jason Segal ,Micheal Cera and more.Also theres a couple of surprises too!Watch it!

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