Monday, April 01, 2013

April Biggies

Biggies of April -Check my analysis on them !Which one is your pick ?

Evil Dead- APR5
story- couple of teenagers stay at an old cabin in the middle of forests,and mistakenly awake the dead through an old curse.
+ Remake of the cult favorite Evil Dead ,this movie is produced by the original movie's director Sam Raimi.Trailers look great and the film makers are promising a truly great horror movie
- None so far

Oblivion- APR19
story-in a futuristic world ,a repairman from the floating cities ,makes a trip to the ground below.
+ Director of Tron 2 ,Joseph Kosinski has made a beautiful world in Oblivion (as seen in trailers) ,and this is Tom Cruise's first sci-fi movie after 2005's War of the Worlds.
- Just like in Tron2 ,Oblivion could be all visuals and no story.

Pain And Gain- APR26
story- 2 bodybuilders get involved with a criminal gang.
+ Dwayne Rock Johnson & Mark Wahlberg look amazing in the trailers.
- Its directed by one of the worst directors ,Micheal Bay.This gives the movie a stamp of crap even before its released.

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