Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Batman:Arkham Origins

Major News from the Game World! The third Batman:Arkham Game has been announced!

Although the news of a third game has been doing the rounds ,no real details had been released ,until now. The 3rd game will be called......Batman:Arkham Origins !

This is a good move especially with the shocking end of Arkham City (The second game of the series) .There were rumors of an Arkham World and all but hopefully Arkham Origins will be the right decision.

About the game ,Arkham Origins wont be about Batman's nor Arkham's origin.It is more of a setting for the future events that take place at Arkham Asylum.The entire story like those of its predecessors takes place entirely in one night.Its Christmas Eve and multiple assassins arrive at Gotham to assassinate the Dark Knight.Mobsters such as Black Mask & Penguin are also in on the hunt.

The game is boasting loads of new features and will finally let the player explore the main city of Gotham.The game is set for release on 25th October 2013.

As of now ,theres no news on whether Joker will be there.Paul Dini ,the writer of the first 2 Arkham Games wasnt chosen for this one ,raising questions on whether Origins could match upto the high standards set the first 2 games in storytelling.

Arkham Asylum & City took the gaming world for a ride with its gritty and engrossing tales of Batman and his arch nemesis Joker.Could Batman:Arkham Origins match it
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