Monday, April 15, 2013

42 grabs the top spot ,Scary Movie Tanks

42 grabs the top spot ,Scary Movie Tanks
[Apr 12-14]

#1- Even though it faced competition from the silly Scary Movie franchise ,the baseball drama ,42 ,held its base and beat the latter by a wide margin.Making $27million ,it was an unexpected victory for the movie.
The certified fresh rating from the critics were another blessing for the movie which should help 42 to carry on in the box office.With a rating 76% ,the critics were unanimous in saying 42 was an inspirational sports movie.With a budget of $40million ,42 needs to stay strong for a couple more weeks to break even.

#2-After a 7 year break ,the Scary Movie series is back with its 5th installment ,and as predicted its bad...its really BAD.The movie opened to $14million which is the lowest opening of the series by a wide margin.Scary Movie 5 was universally panned by the critics ,who awarded it a 05%.Even though it was way below expectations,Scary Movie might recover (i hope not) its budget of $20million by the next week.

#3-The Croods held to their 3rd spot firmly with $13million.So far the animated movie has made $385million and has confirmed itself as the first superhit animated movie of 2013.

#4-GI Joe Retaliation had a standard fall ,as it sloped down to 4th spot with $10million.The movie is trailing behind its predecessor in its collection.So far it has made $270million from a budget of $130million.

#5-Evil Dead suffered the biggest fall of the top 10 ,as it dropped by 60% ,ending up in the 5th place with $9.4million.This is a bit of a disappointment after Evil Dead managed to make a good opening last week.But with a small budget of $17million and a worldwide collection of $51million ,the movie is safely out of harms way.

Meanwhile Jurassic Park 3D ,wasnt faraway from all the action.At 6th place,the movie made $8.8million ,bringing the 1993 classic to a worldwide total of $952million.

This week we have just one major release ,and its a BIG one.RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK IS

OBLIVION- Directed by Joseph Kosinski who earlier made Tron2 ,Oblivion is no less visually stunning.The trailers have painted a beautiful picture of the futuristic world the movie is set in.And add to this equation the superstar ,Tom Cruise ,and we have in our hands a guaranteed winner.Oblivion has already released in most parts of the globe and already made a strong overseas collection of $61million! Initial rating for Oblivion has been above positive ,with a rating of 65%. Critics say the visuals and Tom Cruise are the true pillars of the movie while the story is slightly disappointing.
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