Monday, April 08, 2013

Classic thrillers make a grand debut

Classic thrillers make a grand debut

#1-Evil Dead ,made the top spot with a good collection of $25.7million.This is an excellent collection for the movie which was made from a small budget of $17million.Although it couldnt top Mama's debut ,for a horror movie ,that too a remake this collection is sufficient.
Evil Dead is the remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 movie ,which enjoys a cult reputation in todays times.The new Evil Dead is produced by Sam and according to reviews ,it stays very true to its predecessors roots.The reviews have been above average and has a rating of 64%. Majority agree that its a faithful remake/reboot but lacks some features such as the humour.Its horror and bloody tale was appreciated by all.

#2-GI Joe 2 made $20.8million in its second week.Although its still lagging behind its first part ,the box office performance of the sequel is quite strong.GI Joe 2 has made a strong $231million worldwide.

#3-The Croods continued its strong run with $20.6million in its 3rd week.The movie has a strong hold and has only slipped up by 20% ,which is a strong holdover for such a movie.With a worldwide total of $332million ,Croods can easily cross $500.

#4-Opening with $18.6million ,the dinosaur thriller ,Jurassic Park made a triumphant return to the box office.On its 20th anniversary since its release in 1993 ,this 3D version proved it still had the thrills to attract the crowds.Jurassic Park is now $64million from its Billion dollar mark.Can it make it?

#5-Olympus Has Fallen made $10million on its 3rd week.Even though the movie was expected to have a steep fall this week ,Olympus has somehow managed to hold on.So far the movie has made a domestic total of $71million ,which is just on par with its $70million budget.The movie hasnt made much of a mark on its overseas market as of now.

This week we have 2 new releases.And unfortunately both can only be checked out after reading reviews.

Scary Movie 5-The 5th installment of the Scary Movie series looks as lame as the previous ones.The main attraction seems to be the 2 out of job actors ,Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan ,and both appear to be cameos.Theres nothing interesting in this movie other than being a series of parodies of recent horror movies.It might fool the audiences for a 5th time this week by topping the box office ,but i suggest you to stay away from it.

42 -Its a movie i havnt heard much about.Its a true baseball story that surrounds serious topics like prejudice in sports.The only recognizable actor is Harrison Ford.Wait for the reviews before watching this one.

Since theres nothing great to watch this week ,my pick of the week is Jurassic Park 3D.
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