Monday, April 22, 2013

Tom rocks the box office with Oblivion

Tom rocks the box office with Oblivion

#1-Oblivion opened as expected at the top spot with a decent collection of $38million.For an April movie this is a great start especially considering its a sci-fi movie too.

The movie had a strong start overseas ,in its second week overseas Oblivion has made $112million already.Oblivion has now safely recovered its $120million budget.The movie is a futuristic tale about a repairman who goes back to a desolated Earth.Critics have praised the visual effects and almost every other factor of the movie except its thin story.Directed by Joseph Kosinski ,Oblivion seems to have got the same reaction as to his earlier movie ,Tron 2 ,although Oblivion is clearly an improvement!The movie has been getting above average reviews and is currently at 59%.

#2-Baseball drama 42 had another excellent week as it held on despite tight competition from Oblivion.Dipping by just 30% ,the movie made $18million in its second week ,bringing its overall total to $54million.The movie has been getting plenty of positive reviews ,which seem to have helped it make a good stand at the box office.

#3-The Croods had yet another solid week ,making $9.5million.The animated movie has turned into a big superhit scoring a worldwide total of $427million.As of now ,it is the second highest grossing movie of 2013 ,trailing Oz by just $50million ,not bad for an animated movie!

#4-Scary Movie fell up 55% as it made $6.2million.Although it has just managed to recover its tiny $20million budget ,the 5th installment might most probably its last ,due to its poor performance.

#5-GI Joe 2 ,had a heavy fall this week ,as it tumbled down by 45% ,to make just $5.7million.But the movie has done its job ,and has collected a very satisfying amount of $322 million (3rd highest grossing movie of 2013).

The final BIG movie of April is action king Micheal Bay's Pain & Gain.Starring Rock & Wahlberg ,the story is about 2 bodybuilders who get caught up in a drug deal.This is Bay's first non-Transformers movie in almost 8 years (his last one was the flop ,The Island in 2005).Bay has yet to make a good movie in his career ,would Pain & Gain be the one? And considering The Rock has a midas touch that rotten franchises to gold (ex:GI Joe2 ,Fast5,Journey 2),could he turn around Bay's luck?
Whatever it is ,the trailers looked great ,and this is RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK

PS:Iron Man 3 has started releasing worldwide and will release on April 26 in India,UK,Greece ,Brazil,Korea and majority of the European countries.As for UAE & USA ,Iron Man will arrive only on May 3.
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