Monday, February 18, 2013

Lincoln (2012)

[dull and uneventful]

Lincoln (2012)
IMDB- 7.7
Rottentomatoes- 89%
RJG Rating- 50

The last few months of one of the greatest presidents of all time ,Abraham Lincoln.

Starring- Daniel Day-Lewis
Director- Steven Spielberg

Daniel Day as Lincoln is spot on.Hes just amazing as the 16th President of USA.He has done complete justification to his role and its just brilliant watching him on screen.The same cant be said for the rest of the cast.Sally Field & Tommy Lee Jones go over the top on one too many occasions.Tommy looks too tired to do anything.Joseph Gordon has a short role as Lincoln's son ,and although he does a good job ,his screen time is awfully short.

The story for Lincoln is as dull as it can get.Although its about Lincoln's fight to end slavery ,it rarely brings up any true sense of achievement in the end.THe long speeches get boring after a while and the various characters introduced every now and then creates confusion as to who is who.Those who have studied the basics of American history and of Lincoln might understand ,but majority of the others will just be waiting for Lincoln to appear on screen.

Steven Speilberg does an average job with Lincoln.This isnt his best.He extracts the best from Daniel and has given much thought into bringing Abraham Lincoln onto screen ,but the rest of the movie is a disappointment.The pacing of the movie is too slow and the movie just drags on forever with its running time of over 150min.Even though the act of abolishing slavery is what Lincoln is remembered for ,he had a very motivational story behind it.Even his assassination isnt directly shown.The only moment Speilberg remembers to add any excitement is the Parliament voting scene ,in which over acting goes to unbelievable lengths. Although educational ,Lincoln misses out the entertainment factor.

Overall ,Lincoln is relevant to American audience than to others.Its a boring and dullish movie ,with only Daniel shining in his role.

Acting- 3.5/5
Story- 2/5
Direction- 3/5
Drama- 3.5/5


Won -2
Best Actor -Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Production Design

Other Nominations - 10
Best Film
Best Director -Steven Spielberg
Best Supporting Actor -Tommy Lee Jones
Best Supporting Actress -Sally Field
Best Adapted Screenplay -Tony Kushner
Best Cinematography -Janusz Kaminski
Best Costume Design
Best Editing
Best Original Score -John Williams
Best Sound Mixing
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