Friday, February 22, 2013

Les Misérables (2012)

[a depressing 150min]

Les Misérables (2012)
IMDB- 7.9
RottenTomatoes- 70%
RJG Rating- 65

The story of Jean Valjean as he flees a ruthless police-officer hunting him.

Starring- Hugh Jackman,Russell Crowe
Director- Tom Hooper

Les Miserables is spear headed by the acting of Huge Jackman.Hes excellent in every scene and he gives one of his best performances.Playing an officer with a screwed up sense of judgement ,Russel Crowe takes up the part of the villain and blends into the gloomy atmosphere of the movie quite well.Anne Hathaway deserves all the praise shes been showered upon.Her role is one of the best ones shes done till now.But a major letdown is how short her role actually is.Les Miserables boasts of large cast of supporting cast ,and they all are excellent.

Being a musical ,almost all the dialogues are delivered in a musical note.The actors have all done good work here.But the length of some do get a bit out of hand.

The story of Les Miserables is based on the famous novel of the same name written by Victor Hugo and also on the stage musical.While the movie might strike among those who love depression type movies ,it certainly wasnt meant for the rest.The story of Les Miserables stays true to the novel on most parts.A major flaw is how poorly the characters have been developed during the course of the movie.All our one sided and its hard to support or understand the reasoning behind anyone of them.Things happen conveniently throughout, to either deliver more musical numbers or just more depression.

Tom Hooper's direction is excellent.He has easily captured the essence of the novel and even though its generally gloomy ,its still shot in grandeur.Even though the story does push Hooper into one way alleys ,he has extracted the best from his cast.But the movie is gloomy from start to finish and offers no triumph of any sort.The movie enters into over dramatic scenes most of the time.The story of an officer chasing a man who stole bread 25years ago (which includes the 19years he served in prison for it) ,while a revolution is going on is unintentionally hilarious and stupid.The length of the movie is also tiresome.

Dramatic scenes are shot excellently and the actors give it their best but the reasons for which they shout and scream about seems unworthy at most of the times.Romance makes its entry in the 3rd half ,and its poorly conceived.

Overall ,Les Miserables is not for all.Its catered more for the fans of the musical & the novel and will easily bore majority of the casual viewers.People who love hardcore drama and chick-flick romance should give this movie a watch.

Acting- 4.5/5
Story- 2.5/5
Direction- 4/5
Drama- 3/5
Romance- 2/5
Musical- 3.5/5

Oscars - 3
Best Actress in a Supporting Role- Anne Hathaway
Best Makeup and Hairstyling
Best Sound Mixing

Oscar Nominations- 5
Best Picture
Best Actor- Hugh Jackman
Best Original Song - "Suddenly"
Best Costume Design
Best Production Design
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