Monday, February 18, 2013

Die Hard wins on a rotten weekend

Die Hard wins on a rotten weekend.
[Feb 15-17]

1-A Good Day to Die Hard manage to win the top spot beating 3 other releases on Valentines weekend.Die Hard 5 made $25million and is going strong.The movie has already recovered its budget of $92million ,with strong overseas performance.Die Hard 5 has so far made $112million worldwide.But other than making money ,Die Hard was a major disappointment for its fans.The movie was panned by the critics and currently has a rotten rating of 16%. Majority of the critics blamed the cliched story.

2-Identity Thief made a surprisingly strong stand.Falling just by 32% ,the comedy movie made $23.4million on week 2 ,bringing its overall domestic total to $70million.Made at a budget of $35million Identity Thief is making quite a huge profit.

3-The romance chick flick ,Safe Haven made a decent debut with $21.4million.This is a good opening for a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.But like most of the movies based on his novels ,this one too failed to keep the critics happy.Scoring just 13% ,the major criticisms were its melodramatic scenes ,idiotic plot twists and the usual cliches found in a Sparks movie.Still the movie has managed to recover its budget of $28million.

4-Escape From Planet Earth made a poor opening with just $16million.The animated movie was dumped by the producers on Valentines Day hoping to reel in the kids and thus they made no attempt at any marketing.Lack of marketing could also be due to the fact that the movie looks poor ,lacking any quality of a good animated movie.The movie was slammed by the critics ,scoring just 24%. Every aspect of the movie has been criticized and the movie ,which has a budget of $40million is heading towards a flop.

5-Warm Bodies made $9million which is just a 20%drop from last week.The zombie comedy has made $67million worldwide but is slowing down.

The 4th new movie ,was Beautiful Creatures which flopped heavily.Made at a budget of $60million ,this teenage fantasy movie made only $7.4million.Although it was much better reviewed than the other 3 releases of the week ,the movie had just average ratings.Currently at 45% ,critics say the cast is good but the story and setting is poor and seems to be just an attraction for the Twilight crowd.

Meanwhile heres updates on worldwide box office collections:-
Life Of Pi- $575million
Django Unchained- $365million
Hobbit 1- $959.4 million
Skyfall- $1.1billion

This week we have 2 dark movies.But my pick will be:-

Snitch- The movie is about a father whos son has been caught up on some false charges,and in order to rescue him ,he goes undercover in a drug gang.The major selling point here is The Rock ,and though the movie doesnt sound too great ,Rock's charisma will keep the guys hooked on.So ,this will be my pick of the week.

Dark Skies- The movie is about a couple who start experiencing disturbing events within their home.It sounds interesting ,but unlike Snitch theres nobody interesting here.The director has earlier made 2 big horror flops (Legion & Priest) ,and the story doesnt sound too interesting.

Marketing has been on the low for both these movies ,showing that the producers dont believe that much in them either.It looks like another rotten week ahead!
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