Monday, December 10, 2012

Skyfall back to #1

1-There was no stopping Skyfall this week ,as it returned to #1 in its 5th week.It made $10.7million to push its domestic collection to $261million.But Skyfall did almost 3times better overseas collecting $656million.This puts its worldwide tally to $918million.Although the gap to the $1billion club is attainable ,the fact that Hobbit arrives this week will make it a hard task.

2-Rise of the Guardians,stood strong and made $10.4million in its 3rd week.The animated movie has so far made $61million domestically and has a worldwide total of $152million.ROG is expected to linger around for a longer time since its a Christmas movie ,but it has been a disappointment to the studio.

3-Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 ,finally stepped down from the top spot after 3 weeks.As expected ,the movie has been steeply falling and managed to make just $9.1million.It has made $751million worldwide and wont make more than 850 in its total run.Breaking Dawn 2 also has become the highest grossing movie in the Twilight series.

4-Lincoln gave another strong weekend ,making $8.9million.The movie has grossed $97million solely from the domestic market.And once it gets Oscar nominations ,it will be a sure fire in the international markets.

5-Life of Pi rounds up the Top 5 ,for the 3rd week in a row.The visual delight has made $8.3million bringing its domestic total to $60million.

The new movie of the week Playing for Keeps bombed at the box office making just $5.7million.The movie has been critically panned and has a horrible rating of just 2%.This is Gerard Butler's 2nd flop in 2months.His last 4 movies have tanked since 2011.

This week ,Hollywood ends its slow weeks and starts the festive season.Hobbit will be the only new movie on release and is expected to make a grand debut of $120+million.After the epic trilogy of LOTR almost a decade ago ,Peter Jackson is back to Middle Earth with The Hobbit.Although Jackson has tried a brand new style of shooting with the 48fps ,this approach has been criticized and my recommendation is to NOT watch it in 48fps.Its better to WATCH it in NORMAL PRINT 3D ,since the 48fps has a lot to be worked upon as of now
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