Monday, December 10, 2012


Out of all the directors of today ,Nolan is the most deserving to be honored with an award.He hasnt been nominated for Best Director till now ,but this might change.Academy might give Nolan a nomination but winning it is a hard deal this year.

Argo #6
Ben Affleck is a guarantee spot for the Best Director.As for winning it ,hes got a 80% chance.

Brave #4
The Brave FYC Ads are quite simple.This might be due to the fact they are highlighting their animation rather than fill up the ad with words.Quite a brave thing to to do 

Cloud Atlas #2
Even though it has got some excellent praise ,CA can miss out on the awards after Time Magazine included it in its list of Worst Movies of 2012.
BUt if CA does make it through it might just get one of the technical nominations.

Django Unchained #1
Quentin has made yet another great movie with Django (according to initial reviews) ,and Leo has been getting some excellent praise.So he can be expected to land in a Supporting Actor Nomination.As for Django ,Best Picture & Director nominations are a guarantee ,but winning them is not possible.

Hobbit #2
While Hobbit is a good movie ,it isnt actually attracting awards friendly reviews.Peter Jackson's Hobbit might feature in technical nominations rather than the major awards.So Peter Jackson getting a Best Director nomination is a 10%guarantee.

Life of Pi #3
The movie has been getting loads of great reviews and will be a guarantee to feature in majority of the categories ,it being a technical and a drama movie (like Hugo) .

Madagascar #3
The Best Animated Movie will be a tight competition this year,and Madagascar 3 has a strong chance to get nominated but wont be a winner.

The Master #1
This movie is one of the STRONG contenders for sweeping the awards.Its been highly praised in all aspects from direction to cinematography.So its guaranteed to collect loads of nominations and might end up as the winner of the Oscar night.

Moonrise Kingdom #3
This small budget movie has wowed the audience and critics alike and will be a favourite among the jury.The original screenplay is its strongest factor.

Silver Linings Playbook #1
David Russel has made another strong movie like his previous ,The Fighter.Jennifer Lawrence is guaranteed to get a nomination for Best Actress ,but Bradley Cooper might not make it through.

Skyfall #2,3
Skyfall is the best & the highest grossing Bond movie ,but this wont have any leverage on its success at the Oscars.With a strong competition this year ,Skyfall might miss on Best Picture & Director.The theme song was brilliant and has a good chance to get nominated.

Ted #1
Ted will only be looking for a Visual Effects Nomination.But unfortunately it has 0 chances (

Zero Dark Thirty #1
Kathryn did it before with Hurt Locker and she has done it again with ZDT.The true story behind the hunt for Osama ,is another strong contender for the major awards.According to initial reviews ,ZDT is a guarantee nominee for Best Director,Picture,Actress. Winning them depends on the jurys state of mind.
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