Monday, July 30, 2012

TDKR Day 10 (2nd Week collection)

Even though it fell steeply ,TDKR still made a strong $64 million in its second week.The start of the Olympics was said to be a factor in TDKR's decline.
So far TDKR has made $289 million in its domestic collection ,and thus entering the Top 50 domestic grossing movies list.Also due to strong foreign collections of $248 million ,TDKR also crossed the $500million milestone.

Not much changes in both Rottentomatoes & IMDB as TDKR stands firm at 87% (229+/35-) and 9.1(#10 in Top 250) respectively.

TDKR is the 3rd fastest movie to make $250million domestically (9days).It is outshone only by Dark Knight (8days) and Avengers (6days).
As of now TDKR is the 2nd most grossing movies (domestic & worldwide) in the Batman series .TDK stands first with $533m & $1b.
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