Monday, July 30, 2012

TDKR crushes new releases

TDKR, as expected ,crushed the new releases.The only competition that drained TDKR was the Olympics.

#1-TDKR raked in $64million in its 2nd week.This was a steep decline from its $164million first wwek collection,a fall of 60%.For more details on TDKR's collection check out - TDKR 2nd week

#2-Ice Age 4 was least bothered with the new releases as it stuck to its 2nd spot in its 3rd week.It made $13million to bring its domestic total to $114million.But its main business came from overseas,it made $511million.Ice Age 4 has become the top grossing animated movie of the year making $626million and beating Madagascar 3 ($501million).

#3-The Watch ,one of the new releases couldnt attract the crowds and turned out to be a big dissappoint both critically as well as financially.The movie made only $13million and was rated 14% at Rottentomatoes.

#4-Step Up 4 ,the other new release also tanked on release making just 11.8million.The 4th part of the Step Up series too wasnt well received at the hands of the critics.It got a negative rating of 35%.

#5-Ted fell to the 5th spot making just $7.3million.But this isnt much of a bad news, since Ted has been a big hit since Day 1 of its release.The movie has made $233million worldwide and has been the suprise hit of the year.

Diary Of a Wimpy Kid 3 & Total Recall are the new releases this week.Will TDKR hold strong in week #3 or will the new releases topple the Knight?
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