Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr.Nolan

Christopher Nolan celebrates his 42nd birthday today! Happy Birthday Mr.Nolan !

With 8 movies in the span of 14 years,all of them critically praised,Nolan is definitely a modern genius and a mastermind.He single handedly brought back a franchise from the dead and set it up as a standard for all other superhero movies.Inception ,one of the most mind bending and creative movie of recent times showed how deep Nolan's process of thought goes into.His movies will leave you mesmerized.

He makes movies as he sees them and doesnt bend to others will.Even though 3D was the current trend and an easy way for the creators to make big bucks,he stayed away from 3D,stating that he would use them only if it enhanced the story of the movie.
Nolan's movies are action packed and visually breathtaking ,most directors would use extensive CGI to make such scenes.But not him.He goes out of his ways trying to recreate scenes without the help of CGI,biggest example:the rotating hallway from Inception.Instead of exploiting the usage of CGI he uses it in the right quantity ,delivering the maximum pleasure.

His movies are grounded and stick to the realms of reality.And its a wonder how he made movies such as Inception & The Dark Knight Trilogy into something that the audience can relate to.Even though all his movies have an intense atmosphere around them ,at the core its all about emotions and the psychology of the characters.

Another talent of Nolan is his remarkable skill to juggle multiple timelines and stories and form a coherent story without losing his viewers attention.

Hats off to you Mr.Nolan,and thank you for giving us such entertaining ,as well as thought provoking movies.

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