Tuesday, September 17, 2013

World War Z (2013)

[a so-so zombie movie]
World War Z (2013)
IMDB- 7.1
RottenTomatoes- 67%
RJG Ratings- 55

A deadly new virus comes close to wiping out the human population.

Starring- Brad Pitt
Director- Marc Forster

World War Z is Brad Pitt's first all out action movie in years.And he does sort of shine in it.The problem is that sometimes he goes over and beyond for this sort of movie.The supporting cast stays for just a short period of time ,giving Brad the entire stage to shine.He utilities this and does give a good performance, but i felt he may have overdone some drama scenes.Mireille Enos plays Brad's wife ,and shes pretty irritating at times along with the 2kids with her.None of the supporting actors make a good impact.All are one sided and are more than happy to die for Brad Pitt.

The story for World War Z is adapted from the novel with the same name.While the start is interesting ,it slowly starts to get monotonous after a while.Brad Pitt jumping from country to country in search of a cure ,start to resemble video game levels after a while.What started of as a movie that set out to show a different look into a zombie apocalypse , falls into the same predictable routine as other movies.Poor characters were another demerit for this movie.The so called 'solution' was not too clever either.

Direction by Marc was good.The making of the movie had a lot of controversy and delays but the end result shows no sign of such issues.The visual effects were great and did give the zombies a more lethal shade of danger.The world he has showed is pretty realistic and grounds this movie much more.But the pacing is an issue ,as the movie goes into a loop of similarity and drags in a few section.

The action scenes were good but they werent enough to pull this movie out from its faults.

Overall ,fans of Brad Pitt will like this movie ,but if you are expecting some fast paced thriller it might disappoint.

Acting- 3/5
Story- 2.5/5
Direction- 3.5/5
Drama- 2.5/5
Thriller- 3/5
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