Thursday, September 19, 2013

After Earth (2013)

[a totally worthless movie]

After Earth (2013)
IMDB- 4.8
RottenTomatoes- 11%
RJG Ratings- 10

A father and son crash land into a deserted Earth along with a man hunting alien.

Starring- Will Smith ,Jaden Smith
Director- M. Night Shyamalan

Within 5min of watching this movie i found it to be quite unbearable.Jaden Smith's slurred narration made the movie feel even more dull than it was.But this was just the start of a torturous 100min.Real life father-son duo, Will and Jaden Smith are the central characters of After Earth.They last appeared together in the brilliant   The Pursuit of Happyness.Their reunion on the big screen ,made expectations soar, but every hope crashed within the opening scenes of After Earth.

Jaden Smith proves to be a horrible actor with his performance.Along with the poorly written character he has to portray ,his acting skills are almost non existent.At times its hard to figure out what hes even mumbling about.
Next comes, Will Smith.The actor usually never disappoints ,but this is not such a movie.His performance can be compared to that of a wooden doll.He portrays a person without fear ,which he thinks also means is a person devoid of any other emotion.For atleast 80% of his role his main objective is to stare directly at the camera while giving his orders to his son.
Over acting is a major flaw which both the Smiths show in this movie.There is a lack of chemistry between them and they fail to lift the movie at any point.

The story for After Earth looks good as a 3-line story.But as a full fledged movie?Nope.The movie quickly rushes past a large chunk of the prologue.Logic is given the backseat throughout the duration of the movie.Characters are one sided and have no relatable or likeable qualities.The entire story is dull and just fails in every single department.

Manoj Night Shyamalan was one of my favorite directors ,with movies such as Sixth Sense ,Unbreakable and Signs.But today i wonder why hes even allowed to direct any movie.His direction is pure crass.The pacing is dull and never picks up ,even during the action scenes.Theres plenty of long and over drawn scenes which drags the movie needlessly.

The only ,and i mean the only thing thats good in this movie are the scenery and some visual effects.

Overall ,After Earth is one of the worst movies ive seen this year.Skip this crap.

Acting- 0/5
Story- 0.25/5
Direction- 0.5/5
Action- 1/5
Drama- 0.25/5
Thriller- 1/5
Visual Effects- 1.5/5
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