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Riddick tops on a silent weekend

Riddick tops on a silent weekend
[Sept 6-8]

#1-Riddick was the only new release and it had no problem debuting at the top spot with $18.6million.The third part of the Riddick series (preceded by Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)),Riddick follows the tale of an humanoid alien who gets hunted down by bounty hunters.The reviews were mixed but critics said the movie was better than the second movie and would be interesting to the fans of the series.Riddick has a rating of 60% ,which is currently the highest of the 3 movies.

#2-The Butler continued its foothold as it made $9million on its 4th week ,bringing its domestic total to $91million.

#3-The Spanish comedy ,Instructions Not Included ,continued to surprise as it raked in another $8.1million ,bringing the total domestic collection to $20million.The movie had one of the highest debuts for a foreign movie ,and is expected to reap much more in the coming weeks.
Critically the movie has been getting average reviews and is currently rated at 60%.

#4-The surprise comedy hit ,We're the Millers made another $7.9million.The movie has so far made $179million worldwide and has blown away all expectations.

#5-Planes continued to linger on in the Top 5 ,with $4.2million coming in this week.The movie has already made $121million worldwide and is making full use of the lack of any competition.

Last weeks #1 One Direction ,crashed down by 74%.This is the steepest fall for a movie in 2013!Luckily 1D being a small budget movie ($10million) ,it has already recovered its cost.
This is The End made a re-release collecting $2million ,edging closer to the domestic $100million mark.Its currently made a solid $98million and $17million overseas.

2013 Top 10
#10-Pacific Rim-$404million
#9-Star Trek 2- $462million
#8-Oz -$493million
#7-World War Z-$563million
#6-Croods- $585million
#5-Man Of Steel -$657million
#4-Monsters University -$724million
#3-Fast & Furious 6- $788million
#2-Despicable Me 2-$832million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.214 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

This week we have 2 new movies ,both of which look great.

The Family (aka Malavita)
Directed by Luc Besson (Taken) ,this action comedy is about a mafia family who lives under witness protection in a quiet neighbourhood.Starring acting heavyweight ,Robert DeNiro ,the trailers looked very interesting.But theres a slight chance it could just be a timepass watch.

My anticipated movie of the week is
Insidious Chapter 2- SEPT13
story- This movie continues from the events of Insidious.
+ Part 1 was great and the director is returning for this one too.James Wan tasted success with Conjuring ,and he seems to be in great form.
- sequels are always a dangerous territory,theres a huge chance that the story is subdued.

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