Friday, September 06, 2013

Posters & Trailers

First let me clarify beforehand itself that this IS NOT the trailer for Jurassic World.Its a rough draft that was "said to be used" to sell the idea of Jurassic World.Check it out
Looks pretty good,and a nice idea of how the Pterosaurs "feeds" in the modern day ,hehe.

WOW! A stylish and intense new trailer for the remake of RoboCop!
Starring Joel Kinnaman,Gary Oldman ,Micheal Keaton ,Samuel Jackson ,Robocop will release on February 7 ,2014.
Can it surprise everyone like Dredd did last year?

Another beautiful Trailer for Gravity
Gravity has been getting some fantastic reviews ,with some comparing it to Kuberick's classic 2001:Space Odyssey.This is one movie that has become a certain must watch for this year!
This trailer shows quite a bit of new footage ,which might drain some of the excitement.So skip this one for now ,and watch it later.
Check out these trailers instead:

It took almost 9 years for this moment! Ted and his wife ,from How I Met Your Mother!
Season 9 premiers on September 23 ,2013.

4 New posters for Thor:The Dark World !

The Eye of Smaug! New promo pic from Hobbit 2 ,shows Bilbo's reflection on the dragon's eye.
Reminded me of Frodo & Sauron from Lord of the Rings

First Trailer for Neighbors ,starring Seth Rogen & Zac Efron!
The movie is about a family who gets a new neighbor in the form of a fraternity house.
The trailer looks great with a whole bunch of comic cast led by Seth Rogen.But its directed by Nicholas Stoller ,who according to me has not made a great movie since Forgetting Sarah Marshall.Get Him To Greek ,Muppets and 5year Engagement were all below par.Lets hope Neighbors turns out to be good.
The movie releases on May 9th, 2014
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