Thursday, August 01, 2013

Jackass4:Bad Grandpa Trailer

Believe it or not ,but im a Jackass Fan! I enjoyed their TV Show and the 3 movies.So heres Jackass4:Bad Grandpa Trailer!
For those of you who dont know about Jackass ,it was a reality show of a group of friends who do the most ridiculous and dangerous stunts for fun.Most are hilarious ,and most are really gross!The TV show ran for 3 seasons ,and later produced spinoffs and 3 Movies.
One of the characters the Jackass guys created was -Bad Grandpa ,acted by Johnny Knoxville in makeup.The main idea was to just shock the public by having Grandpa do stupid things.And here we are with an actual movie based on him.Check the trailer

Unlike the other Jackass movies ,which were comprised of various unrelated stunts and skits ,this one has an actual story.Its about Bad Grandpa taking his grandson on a road trip.It looks fun!
The movie is set for October 25,2013
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