Thursday, August 01, 2013

4 Biggies of AUGUST!

July was a bit of a downer after power packed May & June ,and August marks the end of the action movie season.Unfortunately theres just 4 anticipated movies ,and its hard to place much hope on these.

story-a group of astronauts land on Europa ,one of Jupiter's moons.As usual something goes wrong.
+The trailer was amazing.The realistic feel of the movie is also another attraction.
-Found footage is on the decline.The story might take a cliched route as other space movies.

Elysium- AUG9
story- In a futuristic world ,the wealthy live on space stations,while the rest live on a ruined Earth.
+ The brilliant director of District 9 , Neill Blomkamp ,is directing this one.Plus theres a solid cast of Matt Damon & Sharlto Copley.
- it looks like District9 and it could be just the same thing plus an over the top story

Kick Ass 2- AUG16
story-More costumed vigilantes hit the street ,and Kick Ass joins a group in order to take down Red Mist aka The Mother F**ker.
+ The first part has turned into a cult movie ,and with its type of action and comedy ,the sequel is a hot movie of this year.Trailers looks great.Jim Carrey's inclusion is a major positive!
- Following up on a critical movie is a hard task.The trailers dont have that spark ,the first movie had.

The World's End- AUG23
story- 5 childhood friends have a reunion and go on a long pub run.
+ The brilliant team of Edgar Wright ,Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are back after Hot Fuzz & Shaun Of the Dead.
- none so far.

If i had to pick one out of the 4 ,it would be-----At Worlds End.What are your anticipated movies of August?
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