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Elysium takes a narrow lead ,Chennai creates a storm

Elysium takes a narrow lead ,Chennai creates a storm


#1- It was a crowded weekend as 4 new movies went head to head.Elysium came on top with $30million.This is a moderate start for the scifi thriller and it might head towards disaster if its overseas collection doesnt brighten up.Elysium has so far made a worldwide gross of $41million ,and still has a long way to go to recover its $115million budget.
Starring Matt Damon and directed by Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame ,the movie failed to get the critical and the financial love of District9.Elysium which is about a futuristic Earth separated by the rich and the poor ,managed to get above average reviews.Most were disappointed that it didnt match upto District9's potential ,but also agreed that its a good scifi movie on its own.Its rated 65%.

#2-The real winner of the week was the R-rated comedy ,We're The Millers ,which made $26.5million in the weekend.With a small budget of just $37million ,the movie easily can recover its budget.Starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis ,the movie has been getting below average reviews ,currently rated at 41%.
The movie which is about a fake family trying to smuggle drugs was mainly criticized for its poor jokes.

#3-The animated movie ,Planes made a satisfying debut with $22.5million.The movie which is a spinoff from the Pixar's Cars series ,had no problem getting the kids into the theaters ,even with competition from last weeks Smurfs2.With a budget of $50million ,Planes wont have much trouble recovering its cost ,and considering this was a movie that was supposed to go straight to DVD ,Disney is pretty happy with its success.A sequel is on its way!
The movie however was universally panned.Critics pointed out that the movie had poor concepts and ideas disguised under the colourful world of talking Planes.The movie has a rating of 24%.

#4-Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters crashed making just $14.6million.The sequel to the 2010 movie ,Percy 2 couldnt improve the series any better.Although,Percy 1 was critically panned and a moderate success at the box office ,a sequel was green lit.With Percy 2's poor response ,Fox Studios might learn from their mistake.The sequel was critically panned with a 34% rating.The critics blamed the poor story structure and the overload of characters.The movie has a budget of $90million ,and has already recovered $33million worldwide ,but it looks like it will take a miracle for Percy 2 to escape from being a Flop.

#5-making way for the 4 new releases ,last weeks #1 ,2 Guns slipped to #5 ,making $11million.The action comedy has made $48million so far from the domestic market.

Bollywood's Chennai Express had a solid start in the American Box Office.The movie opened with $2.2million ,which is the highest debut for an Indian movie.Chennai Express is a big hit both in and outside India.The movie easily collected over Rs.60crores in a matter of 2 days ,and is headed to the Rs.100cr club with lightening speed.

2013 Top 5
#5-Monsters University -$637million
#4-Man Of Steel -$647million
#3-Despicable Me 2-$745million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $782million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.212 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

This week 4 more movie go head to head,heres my quick analysis:

Paranoia-The movie boasts of actors such as Harrison Ford & Gary Oldman ,but i think its just another recipe for a flop.The movie is lead by Liam Hemsworth.The movie is about corporate spying and such stuff.

Lee Daniels' The Butler-The historical drama is about a butler at the White House who serves 8  American Presidents over the course of 30 years.The trailer looked good and seemed to be selling what looks like Oscar potential movie.Reviews have been positive ,currently rated at 85%.But from what i hear ,its a good movie although its not exactly a cheerful one.This movie has a strong chance to win next weekend.
RJG says WATCH IT if you like drama

JOBS-An indie movie thats got a lot of publicity over Ashton Kutcher playing...Steve Jobs!His performance has been said to be satisfactory but the movie has not been RJG says WAIT for the DVD

And this brings us to the 4th movie and my PICK OF THE WEEK--KICK ASS 2

Kick Ass 2- AUG16
story-More costumed vigilantes hit the street ,and Kick Ass joins a group in order to take down Red Mist.
+ The first part has turned into a cult movie ,and with its type of action and comedy ,the sequel is a hot movie of this year.Trailers looks great.Jim Carrey's inclusion is a major positive!
- Following up on a critical movie is a hard task.The trailers dont have that spark the first movie had.

So whats your pick?

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