Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chennai Express (2013)

[a masala movie for the SRK fans]

Chennai Express (2013)
IMDB- 6.8
RJG Rating- 65

Rahul gets on the wrong train taking him through an adventure of a lifetime.

Starring- Shahrukh Khan,Deepika Padukone
Director- Rohit Shetty

Shahrukh leads the movie with his usual charm.But at most times he goes a bit over the top.But this can be ignored as the movie requires him to spoof himself and his past characters for comic relief.SRK is great at comedy and he hits the notes at the right times.Deepika Padukone gives a good performance as well.She gives a much more controlled take on the role than SRK.Both have a good chemistry which gives the movie the much needed push.

The story for Chennai Express is nothing great.It has some new elements but the proceedings are the old usual ways.The story is predictable and mostly leans on SRK to carry the movie forward.The comedy was entertaining in the first half and dry up in the second giving way to romance and some drama.The second half pales in comparison ,but somehow manages to take the movie to the end.It doesnt take itself too seriously and knows its a masala movie at heart.So expecting a deep story is a bad idea.

The music was surprisingly average.The constant crooning "Chennai ai ai ai Express" was irritating and there was a song overload in the second half.The songs were all good and the sequences were colourful and fun.

Direction by Rohit is below average.Chennai is just like his previous movies ,predictable and over the top.The movie skips through various scenes ,and some shots look very amateurish.Some scenes are plain time fillers and have no real purpose than to dish an odd joke or two.The movie even suddenly sprouted some message/moral from nowhere at the climax.

The main attraction to Chennai is definitely Shahrukh.It isnt his best but its sort of a new type of role and he makes the movie bearable for his fans.Rohit has made Chennai Express with the sole intention to market the movie for the huge SRK fan base.

Overall ,Chennai Express is ONLY for Shahrukh fans, others might not enjoy this one bit.Its a one time watch ,a timepass movie.

Acting -3/5
Story- 2/5
Direction- 2/5
Comedy- 4/5
Romance- 4/5
Drama- 3/5
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