Monday, July 01, 2013

Monsters keeps the Heat down

Monsters keeps the Heat down

#1-Monsters University kept the Pixar flag flying high as it topped the box office for the second week in a row.The movie made $46million in its second weekend.With that MU has already made $300 million worldwide and is another hit for Pixar.But it still has a long way to go to match the financial success of other Pixar movies.It all depends on how its going to stand upto next weeks release Despicable Me 2.

#2-The female oriented action-comedy The Heat made an excellent opening considering it faced tight competition from all around.The movie made $40million ,almost recouping its $43million budget.The movie has yet to open internationally and its a guaranteed superhit already.
Meanwhile reviews for Heat were above average.The movie has a rating of 63% ,with critics  praising its lead actresses.But it was the predictable story that brought the movie down.

#3-World War Z continued its good run ,making $29million this week.This brings the worldwide gross of World War Z to an excellent $259million.The movie has easily recovered its budget of $190million ,and is the highest grossing zombie movie of all time!

#4-Meanwhile all was not good for White House Down which made just $25million and is headed towards a FLOP status.Starring two big stars of 2012 ,Channing (21Jump Street,Vow,Magic Mike) and Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained) ,and directed by destruction king ,Roland Emmerich (2012,Day After Tomorrow,Independence Day) ,White House Down had big expectations.But its major stumbling block was March's Olympus Has Fallen ,which has a very similar story to WHD, that is ,Terrorists capturing White House and one guard trying to free it.
Unlike Olympus which became a surprise hit with a moderately sized budget of $70million ,White House Down is headed towards a flop with a huge budget of $150million.
Critics werent pleased with the movie either.The movie scored 48% ,with critics happy with Channing & Foxx, but irritated with Roland's poor direction.
This is Roland's second failure in a row.His 2011 movie ,Anonymous ,flopped badly.I guess 2012 (his 2009 movie) ,only brought disaster to Roland!

#5-Man Of Steel continued to slip down the charts as it made just $20million in its 3rd week.But MOS is safe from any danger as it has already crossed its expectations.The movie has made a solid $520million worldwide ,which is the highest grossing Superman movie and also Zack Snyder's highest grossing movie.

2013 Top 5
#5-Oz The Great and Powerful -$491million
#4-Man Of Steel -$520million
#3-The Croods -$577million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $682million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.210 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

2013 Top 5 welcomed Man Of Steel which entered the list within 3 weeks after its release.MOS looks set to overtake Croods by next week ,but it has very few chances of overtaking Fast Furious 6.

Next week ,we have 2 more anticipated movies locking horns!First my initial analysis on the two:

Despicable Me 2 - JUL3
story- Gru lives at peace with his 3 adopted daughters,but trouble crops up with the entry of Lucy from the Anti-Villain League. (animation)
+ The cute characters returns.So does the original team behind the first movie.Theres more new characters.
- Theres a slight chance it might go completely into the childish area

Lone Ranger- JUL3
story-A masked hero and a Red Indian Warrior team up to fight against corruption.
+Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of Caribbean) directs this action flick.Johnny Depp as another quirky character is as always an enjoyable watch.
- Casting a superstar as a supporting actor against an upcoming new actor doesnt sound like a great idea.Depp is bound to steal the show and divert attention.On the other hand ,Depp has not been delivering good movies as of late.This movie might just be all action with a weak story

My pick of the week is.............DESPICABLE ME 2!
I loved the first movie ,and the trailers for the second looked great.On the other hand Lone Ranger's trailers were downright boring.And checking the initial ratings i maybe right!Its bound to take down Monsters this week!
Despicable Me 2 -81% (Mini review-Not good as first but very very funny)
Lone Ranger - 25% (Mini review-poor story overloaded with action minus the fun)
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