Monday, July 01, 2013

JULY Analysis

6 Biggies of July

July will be the last of the packed to the brim of action powered movies.Just like June ,we have one solid animation sequel (Despicable) ,one superhero (Wolverine) ,one apocalypse movie (Pacific Rim) , 2 action comedies (Red2,Lone Ranger),1 action drama (Only God).
Here are my analysis:

Despicable Me 2 - JUL3
story- Gru lives at peace with his 3 adopted daughters,but trouble crops up with the entry of Lucy from the Anti-Villian League. (animation)
+ The cute characters returns.So does the original team behind the first movie.Theres more new characters.
- Theres a slight chance it might go completely into the childish area

Lone Ranger- JUL3
story-A masked hero and a Red Indian Warrior team up to fight against corruption.
+Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of Caribbean) directs this action flick.Johnny Depp as another quirky character is as always an enjoyable watch.
- Casting a superstar as a supporting actor against an upcoming new actor doesnt sound like a great idea.Depp is bound to steal the show and divert attention.On the other hand ,Depp has not been delivering good movies as of late.This movie might just be all action with a weak story

Only God Forgives -JUL9
story-a mother sends her son to avenge the death of his brother.
+Its the much awaited reteaming of Drive ,director Nicolas and actor Ryan Gosling.
-The story might just end up short especially with the huge anticipation for following up a movie like Drive.

Pacific Rim- JUL12
story-When Monsters from the oceans arise , humans build giant robots to defend themselves.
+ This is acclaimed director ,Del Toro's first movie since 2008's Hellboy 2.The trailers looks great,action scenes and visuals look awesome too.
- Chance of being all visuals ,dull story.

Red 2- JUL19
Story-Frank brings together his team to track down a stolen nuclear device.
+ original cast of Bruce Willis,Mary Louise,Malkovich,Helen return.
- Itll be a hard task to replicate the fun of the first.FIlling the movie with too many stars can be too much for the movie to handle.

The Wolverine- JUL26
story- Wolverine travels to Japan and meets an old foe after the events of X-Men 3.
+ The character ,Wolverine is a favorite among all.Huge Jackman returns.Acclaimed director ,Darren Aronofsky was set to direct ,but bowed out due to personal reasons.Considering he liked the script ,the story might be a solid one.
- Although the character is great ,his movies might not be so good.X-Men 3 & Wolverine Origins was met with poor reviews.Lack of a proper villain ,or subpar villains.
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