Monday, June 17, 2013

Man Of Steel makes a smashing debut

Man Of Steel makes a smashing debut


#1-Man Of Steel outdid all expectation as it opened to a wonderful $113million on its first weekend.Man Of Steel's strong crew led by Zack Snyder & Chris Nolan had a solid collections on each of its 3 days.
It has made $125 in 4days domestically.The movie made a strong $71million from overseas bringing its total 4day collection to $196million

MOS is the reboot of the first superhero movie ,Superman (1978). Written by Goyer and Nolan ,they injected Superman with the same amount of gritty realism they had given the Dark Knight Trilogy.
Majority of the critics were pleased and the movie has been getting good reviews ,even though its controversially rated rotten at Rottentomatoes with 56%.
MOS first weekend collection is the 2nd highest  of superhero origins.
1-Spiderman $114million
2-Man Of Steel $113million
3-IronMan $98million
4-X-Men Origins: Wolverine $85milion
5-Incredibles $70million

**UPDATED -check below

#2-Even though with crushing competition from MOS , comedy This Is The End scrapped up an encouraging $20million.The comedy movie starring the top comedians of the recent times ,play themselves in this movie about the apocalypse.Critics are very happy with the movie and have rated it at 85%. Reviews say its the best comedy movie so far.
The movie has already recovered its $30million budget this weekend!

#3-Now You See Me held on to the 3rd spot making $10million this weekend.The movie has been a success so far and has already made $108million worldwide from a budget of $75million.

#4-Fast Furious 6 continued its steep fall as it fell by 55% this week. It made $9.4million this week ,just enough to become the top grossing movie of the Fast Furious series.With the exception of Tokyo Drift,the Fast Furious series has been consecutively topping its predecessors ,a very rare occurrence for a franchise.Fast Furious 6 has so far made a worldwide gross of $636million!

#5-The number 1 movie of last week ,Purge fell by 75% this week to end up making $8.2million this week.The thriller has so far made $58million ,and for a movie made on $3million ,Purge is a gigantic hit.

2013 Top 5
#5-Star Trek Into Darkness -$386million
#4-Oz The Great and Powerful -$491million
#3-The Croods -$576million
#2-Fast & Furious 6- $636million
#1-Iron Man 3 -$1.201 billion (#5 on all time grossing list)

This week we have 2 heavyweights clashing against each other.First my early analysis on the two.

Monsters University 
story-The story of how Sully & Mike met ,10 years before the events of Monsters Inc.(animation)
+ PIXAR ! The animation studio has brought about multiple animated classics and this is the sequel to one of their earlier classics.
- Being a sequel to a classic carries a lot of weight.And Pixar hasnt made a classic since 2010's Toy Story 3.Cars 2 was horrible and Brave too kiddish ,can Monsters University break the bad run?

World War Z 
story-A UN employee travels around the world trying to stop the Zombie virus.
+ Brad Pitt & Running Zombies ! whats there not to like !This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name.
- The movie going over budget ($200million +) ,re-writes ,delays ,re-shoots could have made the movie a mash up of second hand work.

Both the movies have got respectable reviews.76 for WWZ ,and 87 for Monsters.But being a big fan of Pixar ,my Pick for the week will be Monsters University.Whats yours?

As i earlier reported ,initial estimates for MOS first weekend was $113million ,but according to latest reports MOS has actually made $116million!Whats the big deal?
With this ,MOS has now become the biggest debut for an Superhero origin story beating Spiderman's 11 year record!MOS is also June's biggest debuting beating Toy Story3

1-Man Of Steel $116million
2-Spiderman $114million
3-IronMan $98million
4-X-Men Origins: Wolverine $85milion
5-Incredibles $70million

With the foreign collections ,MOS has now made $200million worldwide!
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