Friday, June 14, 2013

Man Of Steel (2013)

[action packed to the brim]

Man Of Steel (2013)
IMDB- (coming soon)
RottenTomatoes- 60%
RJG Rating- 85

The origin story of the greatest superhero of all time ,Superman.

Starring- Henry Cavill,Michael Shannon,Amy Adams,Russell Crowe
Director- Zack Snyder

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman is great.He puts in a lot of effort behind the role and he is successful most of the time.You could sense the pain and loneliness behind his character ,which is essential to the tale.Amy Adams as Lois is good.She proves to be a much better representation of Lois than her earlier predecessors.Micheal Shannon as Zod is great.As a villain he is excellent and truly the best villain to face off against Superman.
On a surprising note ,Russel Crowe as Jor-El, has a good amount of scenes and hes amazing in them!Diane Lane and Kevin Costner do good as the foster parents.Theres a tight bond between Superman and both his parents (his dad and both foster parents) and the actors do an excellent job bringing it out.

The stumbling block for MOS is its story.Dont get me wrong ,its good ,but theres some heavy structural problems and thats mostly the directors fault.Other than that ,the story is engaging.The excellent depiction of Krypton and explaining Superman's powers on Earth were all done neatly.Goyer has brought in the realistic natures that were seen in The Dark Knight Trilogy and lends MOS the same ,a hard task considering the highly out of the world powers of Superman.
The relations between Superman and his parents were excellently highlighted.But his romance with Lois was not good enough.Some scenes do go a bit over the top (ex:The tornado flashback) ,and its hard to understand the choices the characters make.Zod's character was well developed and this helps in making him a great villain.

The visual effects were amazing.The Krypton sequences and especially the climax was wonderful!Music from Hans Zimmer was as usual amazing.It really gives the movie an intense atmosphere.

Direction by Zack Snyder was good.He keeps the movie packed with emotion and drama and amazing action scenes.The pace of the movie is a bit uneven at the start as it shifts back and forth from action to drama in the course of minutes ,but the latter half is fast paced and action packed.One of the issues i had with MOS was, Zack trying to 'Nolanise' the movie.The first half is riddled with jumping from the past and the present almost continuously.Juggling with timelines is best left to Nolan.Some scenes end all of a sudden and others just jump ahead without proper clarity.Editing is weak especially in the middle ,and this could irritate some viewers.

But Zack does master one aspect of the movie and thats the ACTION.I really have to talk about the action of this movie.
It was just mindblowing!!! The entire third half of the movie is one gigantic EPIC battle.I have to say that its the best superhero fight sequences ive EVER seen.Mixed with the soundtrack and the visuals ,the action is just jaw dropping.The scale of destruction was immense.It was really great to see Superman actually fighting someone that matched his powers.The finale left me speechless  

There are plenty of powerful scenes showcasing Superman's powers and all of them are spot on.Zack has made no mistake handling the action sequences ,and thats what keeps this movie afloat.

Overall ,Man Of Steel will go down as an excellent reboot of Superman made memorable with those jaw dropping action sequences.Its not perfect but its a blast!Its a must watch if you love action!

Acting- 4/5
Story- 3.5/5
Direction- 3.5/5
Action- 5/5
Drama- 4.5/5
Thriller- 5/5
Visual Effects- 5/5
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