Saturday, June 01, 2013



MAY packed in 7 anticipated movies out of which only 3 pleased the critics while making money (IronMan3,StarTrek2,FastFurious6).

JUNE has less number of anticipated movies ,but chances of scoring more great movies are high! This is the End & World War z has already been getting good reviews.White House Down is a wildcard and most likely to make money while being panned by critics.But the 2 biggest draws are Pixar's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and Nolan's MAN OF STEEL directed by Snyder (300).Are you ready for JUNE ?

Here is my early analysis on the 5 anticipated movies of JUNE 2013.

This Is The End- JUN12
story-A group of friends unite after the world starts under going a series of apocalyptic events.
+ Star studded comedians ,James Franco ,Jonah Hill ,Seth Rogen and more star in this action comedy movie.The real life friendship between the cast will be a major high point for This Is The End.The movie is reaping great initial reviews,some say its the best comedy of 2013 so far.
- Seth Rogen isnt very consistent.While most hit the mark ,many have failed terribly too.The comedy might not connect with majority.

Man of Steel- JUN14
story-A reboot of the Superman franchise,takes a more realistic take on his origin.
+ Reboot of one of the biggest superheroes,Superman.Man of Steel has a strong backbone.Story by Goyer and produced by Nolan ,Man Of Steel carries Dark Knight's goodwill.
- Zack Snyder is a good director ,but his last widely appreciated movie was 2007's 300.Watchmen was excellent but the hype killed it ,The Owls of GaHoole and Sucker Punch were big time fails.Will his style of direction help MOS ?

Monsters University- JUN21
story-The story of how Sully & Mike met ,10 years before th events of Monsters Inc.(animation)
+ PIXAR ! The animation studio has brought about multiple animated classics and this is the sequel to one of their earlier classics.
- Being a sequel to a classic carries a lot of weight.And Pixar hasnt made a classic since 2010's Toy Story 3.Cars 2 was horrible and Brave too kiddish ,can Monsters University break the bad run?

World War Z- JUN21
story-A UN employee travels around the world trying to stop the Zombie virus.
+ Brad Pitt & Running Zombies ! whats there not to like !This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name.The movie has been getting good initial reviews!
- The movie going over budget ($200million +) ,re-writes ,delays ,re-shoots could have made the movie

White House Down- JUN28
story- after a group take over the White House ,a Secret Service Agent must rescue the President.
+ Stars Channing Tatum & Jamie Foxx who are both on a good run.
- its directed by Roland Emmerich ,who is known more for his liking of destruction rather than a good story.
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