Friday, May 31, 2013

Kai Po Che! (2013)

[a heart touching movie]

Kai Po Che! (2013)
IMDB- 7.7
RJG Rating- 100

The story of 3 best friends during the years of 2000

Starring- Raj Kumar, Sushant Singh ,Amit Sadh
Director- Abhishek Kapoor

The cast are newcomers to the movie world ,but they definitely did a much better job than the present day actors. All 3 shared the screen space and had equal importance.The bonding between the lead actors were excellent and really made the movie a fulfilling experience.The supporting cast were great too.

The story for Kai Po Che is based on the hit Indian novel ,3 Mistakes of My Life written by Chetan Bhagat.The movie follows the novel faithfully but made necessary changes for the movie.The story is beautiful and captures the tale of friendship beautifully.Its story is tight and effortlessly manages to convey the lives of all 3 friends.

Abhishek once again does a brilliant job.After his Rock On ,he once again delivers a bittersweet tale of friendship.Every single scene is directed perfectly.His choice of actors were spot on.The music for KPC is another strong pillar.The songs are sweet and actually manages to not only progress the tale but also carries a heavy dose of emotions which are central to the story.Its been a long time since ive seen such a wise song usage.

Overall ,Kai Po Che is a gem for Indian cinema.A must watch!

Acting -5/5
Story- 5/5
Direction- 5/5
Drama- 5/5
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