Thursday, May 16, 2013

How I Met Your Mother [Season 8] Review

How I Met Your Mother [Season 8]
RJG Rating - 4/10

The story-
Barney breaks up with Quinn ,Robin breaks up with Nick.Both pair up and Barney proposes to Robin.Marshall and Lily try to adjust with life after the arrival of the baby.Lily gets a job ,Marshall struggles with his.Ted as usual sits in depression and dates girls we all know wont be the 'mother'.
Climax-Barney-Robin marriage nears ,Marshall Lilly plan to move to Italy ,Ted is still conflicted as to whether Robin is his soulmate.And finally after 8 years ,the mother is shown.

This has been the WORST season for the show.The comedy was recycled and the entire objecctive was shifted.Barney's wedding has been the center of attraction for the past 2 YEARS! On a show called How i Met your Mother ,this is quite a big deviation.On top of that we had unnecessary distractions that we all know wont have any fruitful ending.The biggest headache was on how the show still tried to tease the audience on how Ted was still in love with Robin.
Barney's character no longer resembles the one we adored 8 years back.He has stripped down into a lame character.Marshall & Lilly continue to be consistent. Robin & Ted's characters have gone through some improvement.

Comedy is utter boring and lame.The drama ,whenever they do attempt is boring.The romance is missing.All of Ted's girls are shown to be great at first ,and when its time to write off their roles ,they are made into someone weird.Barney-Robin relation has been the worst pair up since they first tried it years back.Considering the writers showed Robin is the girl Barney would marry ,it tests the viewers patience when they have to sit through half the season seeing Barney Robin dating others.If you dont plan to have them together anytime soon ,please do not show such stuff years in advance.

Season 8 was a frustrating and a disappointing season for the show.It seems HIMYM has run its course.Cant wait for it to end!*

[PS:The finale season consisting of 24 episodes will take place in the course of 3 days before Barney Wedding.So we might have to sit through one more breakup of Barney-Robin.2more girls for Ted ,before Ted meets his wife NEXT YEAR IN MAY! HIMYM continues testing the patience of their audience]
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