Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dexter [Season 7] Review

Dexter [Season 7]
RJG Rating - 7.5/10

The story-

Debra finds out about Dexter's serial killings and tries to cure him of his addiction.LaGuerta gets suspicious about Travis Marshall's death ,and reopens the Bay Harbour Butcher case.Dexter gets involved with Hannah ,a suspected murderer.Dexter falls for Hannah but has her arrested.
Climax-Hannah escapes prison.LaGuerta confirms Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher.But is shot dead by Debra in the final scene.

This season was not too bad.But it still lacked the intensity of the initial seasons.The lack of a powerful villain too was a bit disappointing ,with Isaak (the mafia boss) ,being disposed off by the 3/4th of the season.This time ,the writers once again try to find a good pair for Dexter ,and they seem to have struck jackpot with the Hannah character.
The overall season was pretty good ,the writers have tried to give all the characters enough room, especially Quinn's subplot for nicely written.

Overall ,Dexter Season 7 was a good addition and the show is ripe for a finale.
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