Monday, April 29, 2013

Pain & Gain makes quiet debut ,while Iron Man 3 thunders overseas

Pain & Gain makes quiet debut ,while Iron Man 3 thunders overseas.
[Apr 26-28]

#1- Micheal Bay made his 9th #1 debut (out of his 10movies!) with his latest movie Pain & Gain.The dark comedy movie made $20million ,which is somewhat below expectations.Compared to the usual Bay movies ,P&G is a low budget movie made at a cost of $26million.It will easily recover its budget ,but with Iron Man's entry this week ,P&G will wrap its business with a much lower gross than expected.
Keeping with the Bay tradition ,P&G was another rotten entry to the director's filmography.You may call it The Rock's midas touch ,as critics have agreed that P&G is definitely one of Bay's best movies till date.The movie has got below average reviews of 47% ,with most critics saying although Bay tries to make it thought proving ,the movie ends up into another one of his action fiesta.

#2-Oblivion suffered a steep fall ,as it collected just $17million in its 2nd week.With a $120million budget ,this would have surely been the death of the movie ,but fortunately the overseas collection had the movie's back.With $134million coming solely from overseas ,Oblivion reached $198million.Collections will severely drop this week with IronMan's entry.

#3-The only movie managing to stay strong and surprise everybody was the baseball drama ,42.The movie made another $10million to bring its domestic total to $69million.

#4-Movie's with a large A-Grade cast always spells doom.This fact was proved once again ,by this weeks 2nd new release ,The Big Wedding.Starring Robert DeNiro,Robin Williams,Diane Keaton etc ,the movie flopped badly making just $7.5million.The movie was crucified by the critics ,and is currently rated with a horrible 06%.

#5-Out of all the movies ,Croods had the lowest fall.Making $6.6million ,the animated movie has already made a whooping $468million.

That brings us to RJG's PICK OF THE WEEK

1-No doubt its definitely IRONMAN3! Being a sequel to Avengers (Yes,Avengers not IronMan2.Avengers was like IronMan 2.5 ,lol!) ,IronMan 3 has a lot riding on it.But on the upside ,it will have no problem raking in the big bucks.The movie has got a one week early start over USA ,and what a performance the movie has made.Not only did it keep the critics happy with a 93% ,the movie made a solid $193million overseas collection in its first week ,which is a much bigger total than last years highest grossing movie Avengers!So IronMan 3 is definitely kept its eyes on an incredible ,$120+ million opening.

With IronMan 3 ,2013 will finally open up to the major biggies of 2013! May-August will be keep the theater counters buzzing! And after a very very dull start to 2013 ,the audience are definitely hungry for quality movies!
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