Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Biggies of MAY


Iron-Man 3- MAY3
story-after the events of Avengers ,Iron man faces off against the Mandarin ,a terrorist ,whose influence is very powerful.
+ Its IronMan ,and who is not excited ?Robert Downey & cast returns ,although this movie will be directed by Shane Black ,instead of Jon Favreau (Iron Man 1&2)
- None so far.

The Great Gatsby- MAY10
story-Nick Carraway is intrigued by the lavish lifestyle of his neighbor Gatsby.But the more he looks ,the more secrets he uncover.
+ A solid cast lead by the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio ,Gatsby is a stylish movie based on the famous novel of the same name.
- If you are not a fan of director Baz Luhrmann's previous works, Australia,Moulin Rouge,Romeo Juliet ,you might not be very interested.Gatsby looks to be carrying plenty of melodrama.

Star Trek Into Darkness- MAY17
story- the crew of the Enterprise face an enemy that has risen from their own organization.
+ Sequel to the critical & blockbuster 2009 reboot ,Star Trek will cater to all sci-fi fans.Director Abrams is a huge favorite among scifi lovers,and he wont be likely to disappoint.
- Too much hype is bad too.If it fails to match upto the first part,it will be criticized heavily by the audience.

Fast and Furious 6- MAY24
story- Dom & Team is called upon to nab Letty's gang.
+ the original cast is back after the successful Fast Five.Action looks spectacular!
- Chances of repeating the success of Fast Five is a hard task to pull off.The synopsis doesnt sound too fresh.

The Hangover Part III- MAY24
story-no wedding or bachelor party ,this time the guys go on a road trip to Tijuana.
+ The trailers are promising a completely new story other than that of the first 2.
- The second part was huge disappointment critically and theres no guarantee whether the third will be any good.the second ruined all the goodwill of the first part.

Now You See Me- MAY 31
story- 4 magicians conduct a bank robbery using the audience members.
+ a good concept.Cast includes Jesse Eisenberg & Woody Harrelson and other A-Listers.
- director Louis Leterrier has a poor history in film making.Out of 5 ,only Incredible Hulk has been remotely good.And based on the trailers ,this could turn out to be a cliched ride.

After Earth-MAY 31
story-1000 years after the people have left Earth ,a father and son duo land on Earth after an accident.
+ Real life father & son ,Will & Jaden Smith act in this,and they have yet to disappoint.The visuals looks great too ,and the concept is strong.
- Director M Night Shyamalan has not made a good movie since 2002's Signs.After a series of flop movies ,hes now considered one of the worst directors.After Earth will suffer if badly if the movie disappoints even in the slightest.

For the rest of the 2013 biggies -check out http://bit.ly/2013BIGGIESrjg
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