Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race 2 (2013)

[setting new standards for dumbness in Bollywood]

Race 2 (2013)
IMDB- 5.4
RJG Rating- 05/100

Sequel to the blockbuster hit Race ,follows Ranvir's latest plan for revenge.

Starring- Saif Ali,John Abraham,Deepika ,Jacqueline
Director- Abbas-Mastan

None of the actors are of any good.The only thing Saif Ali Khan does is give out his "know it all" stare.John Abraham proves once again that he has no other talents than modelling.His only contributions to the movie are his various shirtless scenes.As a villain he is a big time fail.Anil Kapoor is another wasted talent.He and Amisha Patel dish out various fruit related (im not kidding,all their dialogues are fruit related!) puns.Although both Deepika and Jacq have some story related role ,they only score on the skin show department.

Its easy to mistake the story for being written by an 8 year old who probably ate too much chocolate.Within 5 minutes from the start ,it starts getting beyond the realm of ridiculousness.Its so bad that i wanted to 'facepalm' myself permanently for watching the idiocity that unfolded onscreen.Cheating poker ,speed based bomb, escaping from planes ,stealing historical items ,the list goes on,its all so idiotic that it starts getting hilarious in the second half.One of the best qualities of the first movie were its twists.With Race 2 ,the twists and turns can be seen a mile away.Its all too obvious and predictable.Almost all of them are shamelessly recycled from Hollywood.

This movie is an insult to the human senses.Abbas-Mastan have either gone nuts or are just trying to make quick cash with their worthless movies.They fill the movie with stylish shots trying hard to cover up the dumb story.Even here they fail.The visual effects are very poor and seem to be a decade old technology.The overdose of stylish sequences drag the movie even more.

The action sequences are too long and the comedy is very poor.The fruit related jokes are the most utterly lamest things ive ever heard in an action movie.Why fruits? Was it to support the cherry popping jokes? Theres no other reason for fruit comedy in Race 2!!
The only plus point that can be salvaged from Race 2 is its music.The music videos were interesting and helped to increase the movies tempo.

Overall Race 2 is one of the worst movies ive seen in 2013.Stay away from it.The music videos can be seen on Youtube for free.

Acting- 0/5
Story- 0/5
Direction- 0/5
Action- 1/5
Thriller- 1/5
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