Monday, March 25, 2013

Croods & Olympus rules the Box Office

Croods & Olympus rules the Box Office
[Mar 22-24]

#1- Croods ,the first big animated movie of 2013 (ignoring Escape from Planet Earth) ,made an excellent start with $44million.Voiced by a strong cast including Nicolas Cage ,Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds ,The Croods was accepted by the large family crowd.Directed by Chris Sanders ,who earlier directed the blockbuster How to Train Your Dragon ,Croods is about a caveman and his family as they set upon a road trip.
The reviews have been slightly above average.Rated at 64% ,critics say that although the animation and story will keep the kids and family entertained ,the movie itself doesnt rise up to any standards.
Croods is a big hit overseas as well and so far made $107million worldwide from a budget of $135million.

#2-Action flick ,Olympus Has Fallen made $30million ,surviving the jinx that seemed to be holding down all the action movies this year (Other than Die Hard 5's 24million opening ,all other movies flopped ,scoring less than 10million). Starring a powerful set of actors such as Morgan Freeman ,Gerard Butler & Aaron Eckhart ,the movie is about a terrorist takeover of the White House.
Reviews have been mixed though.Rated at 51% , critics say that while the story is cliched and predictable ,the direction and Gerard's acting is worth the ticket.

#3-Oz gave up its 2 week reign ,falling to #3 with $22million.The visual effects laden movie has made $356million worldwide and has already set rumours for a sequel with the original cast.

#4-The Call fell sharply as it made $8.7million.Halle Berry's thriller has so far made $30million.Its not expected to go past the $50million mark.

#5-The third new release Admission had a poor start ,making just $6.4million.With a budget of $13million ,Admission will reclaim its budget but will have to make a strong hold if it wants to make a decent total.The movie didnt manage to impress the critics either.Rated at 44% ,the general consensus is that while Tina & Paul are excellent ,the story is a disappointment.

Another new release which has been released in limited theaters was Spring Breakers.Starring former child artists such as Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens the movie made a good collection of $5million.For a movie that was made at a budget of $2million ,this is quite a strong collection ,especially from such a limited number of screens.Reviews have been positive ,and rated at 70% ,critics say that James Franco is brilliant and the social topics picked by the movie is highly relevant.

This week we have 2 polar opposites.One is a hardcore boys movie and on the other we have a movie based on Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's hit novel.
But my pick will be.....

1- GI JOE Retaliation.The sequel to 2009's GI Joe ,this one brings back some of the original cast and adds a major crowd pleaser, Dwayne Rock.Rock is on a golden run with every movie franchise he touches turning to gold.So theres some hope on this GI Joe.The movie is directed by Jon Chu who earlier directed Step Up 2 & 3.

2-The Host doesnt look too good.Its only hope is its legion of fans mainly made up of Twilight crazies.The movie is about a force that take over the human bodies,kind of like an alien takeover.If you are a guy ,stay away from this one!

3-The third release is a waste movie made by one of the worst directors ,Tyler Perry.The movie is called -Tyler Perry's Temptation:Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.Please skip this at all costs!
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