Monday, January 21, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

[another take on romance]

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
IMDB- 8.2 (Top 250 -#222)
RottenTomatoes- 91%
RJG Rating- 65
After being discharged from a mental hospital ,Pat ,a bipolar patient, meets Tiffany ,a young widow.

Starring- Bradley Cooper ,Jennifer Lawrence
Director- David O. Russell

Silver Lining has an excellent cast.Everyone has a solid role and they all give it their best shot.Bradley Cooper once again showcases his best ,Jennifer Lawrence continues her brilliant run and is the movies main pillar.Jacki Weaver & Robert DeNiro give a strong supporting roles as well.But other than Jennifer ,the rest arent exactly the best of the year.

Story isnt very different from the usual set.It follows the usual storyline of romantic movies.The only highlight is the concept of a bipolar patient with a widow romance.The story is good and keeps the viewer hooked with Pat's relations with his parents ,friend and Tiffany .

David O Russell brings a charming tale of romance and drama.The pace of the movie is average ,its neither fast nor too slow.At 2hrs ,its the right duration for such a movie.He captures much of the quirky natures of the characters without ever making it over dramatic.The movie always keeps a sense of comic/romantic sense ,without going over the top.

Overall ,SLP might not be as awesome as most say ,but its a charming romantic movie and definitely worth a watch.

Oscar Nominations- 8

Best Picture
Best Director- David O. Russell
Best Actor- Bradley Cooper
Best Actress- Jennifer Lawrence
Best Supporting Actor- Robert De Niro
Best Supporting Actress- Jacki Weaver
Best Adapted Screenplay- David O. Russell
Best Film Editing
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