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Mama beats new releases

Mama beats new releases
[Jan 18-20]

1-The horror movie ,Mama ,made the top spot with a powerful $28million debut.Made at a budget of just $15million ,Mama is already reaping profits.its also Jessica Chastain's second movie to make it to #1 consecutively ,shes already become a sought after actress and is proving that she can attract the crowds with strong ,female centered movies.
Mama is about 2 girls who are being haunted by someone after they are rescued from an abandoned house in the forest.
Reviews have been above average ,with most saying it delivers on the scares but is a bit lagging in the narrative aspect.Mama has a rating of 62%.

2-Zero Dark Thirty ,another movie led by Jessica Chastain ,made $17.6million ,bringing its worldwide total to $59million.This movie has out-grossed ,Kathryn's (the director) earlier movie ,The Hurt Locker and looks strong enough to be her most grossing movie (currently Point Break -$83million).

3-Silver Linings Playbook finally expanded its business to all theaters and made $11million to come 3rd.This brings its worldwide total to $67million.
The movie is about a 2 people who have very deep problems falling in love.The movie has been getting excellent reviews and is currently rated at 91%.I watched this movie and i found it to be nothing exceptional (Review-

4-Gangster Squad managed to hold on to the Top 5 with $9million.The action movie is not having such a great time ,with mixed reviews and a slow start at the box office ,Gangster Squad is struggling to make its budget of $60million.The movie has a worldwide total of $41.3million.

5-The second new movie of the week ,Broken City , had a poor opening as well.The movie managed to make just $9million ,which is a disappointment considering the movie stars A-listers such as Mark Wahlberg & Russel Crowe.The movie has been getting very poor reviews with many complaining about the poor script and predictability.The movie has a rotten rating of 24%.

The 3rd new movie was The Last Stand ,which is Arnold Schwarzenegger's first lead role in a decade (last one being Terminator3 in 2003).The movie made just $6million.
Although directed by acclaimed Korean director ,Kim Jee Woon (I saw the Devil) ,the reviews have been fairly mixed,with critics saying its not very unique but is a treat for Schwarzenegger fans.The movie is rated 57%.

Meanwhile ,Skyfall is now the 11th highest grossing movie with $1.034billion ,overtaking Star Wars 1 & Alice in Wonderland.The next target for Bond is Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ($1.043b)

This week ,theres a poor set of movies opening.So my pick of the week will be last weeks ,Mama.

1-Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters-Starring Jeremy Renner & Gemma Arterton ,this movie has been written off as a terrible movie ,judging by the concept and trailers.Gritty remakes of fairy tales have never pleased the critics so far ,and this wont either.

2-Movie 43- Starring almost the entire Hollywood's A-Listers ,Movie 43 is also directed by 12 directors.This is a comedy movie which is made up of multiple short comedy movies.Trailers have been ok ,and the movie is completely for adults.It doesnt seem too interesting either.

3-Parker-This is a Jason Statham movie.Thats the most appropriate synopsis for Parker.An action packed movie ,Parker is about a guy looking for revenge.Not too interesting or anything new.
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