Monday, December 03, 2012

Twilight ,Skyfall & Lincoln crush new releases

1-Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 ,had another steep decline ,but still managed to edge Skyfall to retain the #1 spot for the 3rd week in a row.The finale collected $17.4million to bring its domestic total to $254million.The movie has made $702million worldwide and is expected to become the highest grossing Twilight movie by next week (Breaking Dawn Part 1- $712million)

2-Skyfall had another great week collecting $17million.Skyfall is now the top grossing James Bond of all time in both domestic as well as worldwide.Domestically the movie has made $246million and is still going very strong.Worldwide the movie stands at $869million and might break into the Billion Dollar Club.

3-Lincoln is doing very well for a biopic.The Steven Speilberg movie made $13.5million in its 3rd week.The biopic has grossed $83million domestically.

4-Rise of The guardians had another disappointing week and managed to collect just $13.5million.The movie has made $105million worldwide.

5-Life Of Pi made $12million to bring its domestic total to $48.3million.Even though the movie is doing slow business in USA ,its expectation lies in the overseas market.Life of Pi has already earned $60million overseas and is still going strong.

Where are the new releases?Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly flopped ,making just $7million debuted at #7.The movie is about an assassin hired to kill 3robbers.Critics have been divided on the movie.While majority praise the cast ,many were irritated with the loud political tones of the movie.Its rated at 78%.

The Collection ,made just $3.4million and debuted at #10.its rated at 44%.The horror movie which is about a sadistic killer is the sequel to the 2009 movie ,The Collector.Critics have said the movie will be more enjoyable for those who liked the first part.

This week theres no interesting movies for release since all movies are staying clear of The Hobbit ,which is scheduled for the 14th.
The only new release is Playing for Keeps ,which is poorly marketed although it features some A-list stars.Gerard Butler ,Catherine Zeta,Uma Thurman,Jessica Biel star in this romantic movie which centers around football.

So we can expect a similar list next week !
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