Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Looper (2012) [Guest Review ]

Special Guest Review by Arnab Goswami
Looper (2012) (Spoilers ahead)
AG rating : 100

A mind bending tale about time travel in the near future and the highly intriguing prospect of a man meeting his future self whom he has to kill. What happens now ??!!

The film

After a long time, we at last see a film that can have the 'inception' effect on you as you watch it. With a strong emphasis on parallel timelines, it beautifully illustrates the cause and effect scenarios......that is if there is an effect, then there has to be a cause. As simple as it sounds, it can lead to some very paradoxical situations as is shown in a key sequence involving Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis.

The direction
Time travel is an extremely difficult topic to begin with and the director deserves applause for the way he has tackled it. He has managed to give us the 'inception' effect which is no small feat. The ending though wasn't so inception like.

The acting

With the help of a little CGI, JGL completely transforms himself into the younger Bruce Willis though this wouldn't have been possible without some terrific acting on his part. Bruce Willis was good too though I felt JGL outshone him.

The AG verdict

Despite the fact that the pace slows down significantly when the character of Emily blunt is introduced, it picks up again spectacularly in a jaw dropping sequence and the ending, though not totally unpredictable, still leaves you awestruck. All in all, one of the best sci-fi films ever !!! A must watch for all sci-fi fans !!!!
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