Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 New FYC Ads


TDKR hit another milestone,as it was honoured as one of the Top 10 movies of 2012 by AFI & TIME.Does this boost its chances to get nominated in the Best Picture Category?
I think TDKR increased its chances.Failure to nominate TDK, 2nd biggest blockbuster of the year ,Recognition for AFI, looks like TDKR has a 70% chance to make it through.

Les Miserables #2
The cinematography list will be a tight race.I think Les Miserables fate lies after its release.Right now i think it has a 30% chance to get nominated.

Lincoln #2-3

While its simple ,its still pretty much a bunch of lazy ads.Is it because Lincoln is guaranteed to make it Big at all the award ceremonies? Lincoln sweeped up 7 nominations at Golden Globes ,and i think its gonna sweep up the Oscar noms too!

Moonrise Kingdom #4
Moonrise will be aiming for the Picture & Writing noms.i dont think it has any chance at cinematography.Not that it was bad (the movie was amazing) ,its just that the race is very tight.

ParaNorman #4
Shockingly ParaNorma was snubbed at the Golden Globes.If you check the new ad, the new ad you can see a small note saying Lovingly made in The USA.Golden Globes is a British affair ,and ParaNorman is hoping the American Academy doesnt snub it. Still ,Paranorman deserves all the praise.Its the best animated movie of the year.

Skyfall #4
British movie ,Skyfall failed to get in at the Golden Globes (except Adele's Theme Song) ,and i think it will be ignored by the Americans as well.Although a Supporting Actor nom for Javier should be considered.

Zero Dark Thirty #3
This is the big movie that is expected to sweep the major awards at the Oscar.Kathryn has done it before with Hurt Locker and she has brought up another thriller with ZDT.Considering its the movie about America's biggest and victorious manhunt,ZDT has a large support behind it.
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