Thursday, November 08, 2012

Two And A Half Men [10x01]

Two And A Half Men [10x01] I Changed My Mind About The Milk
TV com Rating-7.6
RJG Rating- 4.5

2 and a half men returns with yet another season ,and this one like the last 3 seasons are sure to be as dull as ever.The previous season was downright horrible ,and was the worst in the series run ,but Season 10 is back and ready as ever.
Episode 1 was dull and boring.Its a rehash of the old seasons and doesnt have anything funny at hand.The writers are happy with the 2 Men and are not even trying to include the kid ('the half').After years of trying to make Jon's character ,Alan ,into a gay person ,they have finally done it.
The very premise of Season 10 is just dull and lacks energy.
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